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   Chapter 1007 Unexpected Invitation

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Darren frowned. What Jacob had done was indeed unexpected, but since he had lost his memory, it was not much of a surprise at all for him to do such a thing.

"What? What are we supposed to do?"

Dina was anxious. Darren's words had hurt Dina deeply. Her fair and delicate cheeks reddened with burning hatred, and there was panic reflected in her eyes. She unconsciously tightened her hands into fists, and her fingernails dug deeply into her palms, cutting the flesh and drawing blood.

Emily was a constant thorn in her heart that plagued her, and what Dina wanted to see the most was the sight of Emily being miserable, but things had not gone as she had intended. Somehow, Emily always managed to pull herself together when she was about to reach rock bottom.

"Do what? We should just sit back and watch the show play out in front of us!"

Darren gently pinched Dina's chin with his slender fingers. He found her undisguised panic, which was on full display, quite entertaining, and he chuckled with a playful sneer.

He was still convinced that he could beat Jacob in the end.

The show?

Was Darren referring to the party that Emily was going to?

"Darren, when are we going to see the boss of the underground black market that you were talking about?"

Dina asked with a reluctant smile. Now that Darren was already in trouble, if Jacob knew what she had done for Darren, he would not let her go. So, she had to keep looking for a back-up, and if necessary, plan an escape!

"He... I think he'll be back soon. Just wait a little bit longer!"

Darren's ferocious eyes sparkled with a strange light. Women were really so disloyal. She was still with him, but she was already trying to look for another sugar daddy at the same time. 'Don't you look down on me!' Darren thought resentfully.

His self-esteem as a man had been dealt a deep blow, but Darren was an expert at hiding his resentment. Having been trapped in a wheelchair for the past few years, he had often been discriminated against and treated like this. He was used to it by now, but he still felt resentful. Everyone who had ever questioned him, who had ever looked down on him, would not end well, including Dina! Darren did not forget, and he certainly did not forgive!

This was Darren's secret, and also the reason why he was always so lonel

housekeeper down the hall to the front door. Outside the door stood a person she did not know. Emily subconsciously kept her guard up, considering what had happened before.

"Miss Bai, this is an invitation that my president asked me to bring to you. The host of this party is Jacob Gu. You should be looking forward to seeing him, right?"

Hearing Jacob's name again, Emily suddenly felt like it had been ages since he had been mentioned. No one in the Ke Family had dared to say his name to her, because they were afraid that she would feel sad. Not speaking about him made her feel as if Jacob had died and left her life for good.

"Who is your president?"

Emily asked cautiously. The sound of Jacob's name was a temptation that she couldn't resist. She had been suffering from not having the opportunity to contact Jacob. Now that she was finally being given a chance to see him, she felt ecstatic but also cautious. It almost seemed too good to be true.

"Darren Xu of the KING Group!"


Hearing his name, Emily subconsciously crumpled the invitation in her hand and looked at the assistant with even more vigilance. She had always thought that Darren was cruel and brutal, and knew that she should not trust him.

"Miss Bai, this present is a dress carefully prepared for you by our president. He said there will be a surprise waiting for you at the party!"

The assistant handed the gift to the housekeeper standing behind Emily. Even though Emily had a lot of questions, the assistant left before she could ask any of them.

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