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   Chapter 1006 The HT Group

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At the KING Group's head office, Darren frowned as he stared at the data that was being displayed on the computer screen. Recently, the KING Group's shares had stooped down sharply and the company was expected to crumble into a risk of bankruptcy soon.

Pointing at another company's stock price, Darren sneered and asked coldly, "What is wrong with this company? How on earth are they doing so well?"

"Err..." His assistant was in a state of confusion. He suddenly couldn't recall the exact specifics of the company. He looked at Darren nervously and fidgeted. He was perfectly aware that his boss was hot-tempered.

"You piece of trash!"

Darren slammed his assistant so hard that he fell onto the ground, losing his balance. Darren's angry eyes seemed to be swallowing him entirely. He was indescribably furious.

"Pre... Mr. President... I have no clue. This company came out of nowhere. I do not think it is a famous and well-established company. If it were one, I'd have known something about them... So, President..."

The strong blow made Darren's assistant scream in pain but his desire to survive made him endure all the humiliation. He continued to explain it to Darren as calmly as he could.

Darren glanced at the poor assistant sharply. The atmosphere around them remained hostile. His rage intimidated the assistant and instantly skyrocketed his heartbeat. The assistant was trembling out of sheer fright.

"You claim that this is a new company?


Go and confirm it right now!"

The thin corners of his lips curled upwards, depicting a strange facial expression. His eyes were dark with a faint smile on his face. He was indeed a mysterious person who rarely let out his feelings to others.

This new company had appeared on the list right after Jacob had gotten discharged from the hospital. Moreover, it had suddenly become a credible contender of the KING Group. Darren wasn't fully convinced that it was merely a coincidence.

There were only a few people who could establish and run such a large company inside Jingshi City. Other than Jacob, Darren really could not think of another capable person for the job.

"Yes... Yes... As you say, Mr. President..."

The assistant fled from Darren's office with his eyes full of panic. He soon bumped into Dina, who was walking on her three-inch high heels.

Dina patted her clothes with her palm and said with disdain, "Don't you have eyes on your face? Can't you see me? If I notice you behaving so recklessly again, I'll make sur

return meant that Emily would regain the ability to fight with her, yet again. Therefore, Darren was not the only person who was nervous and worried at this moment. Dina also had her own reasons to be worried.

He must attend that charity party.

Ironically, he really needed to go to this charity party. After all, the money Jacob was donating was Darren's money.

"What a high profile event! Since I can't make you wait at all, I'll have a good meeting with you!"

Darren's thin and cool lips were aligned in a tight straight line. His lust had already withered away. He had more pressing matters to attend to.

"Send someone to inform Jacob that I'm going to be there! Send this invitation to Emily in the MK Manor as well and tell her it will be Jacob's party!"

He and Jacob had been fighting discreetly all this time. This would be the first time for them to fight in public, excluding the time when Jacob had saved Beryl.

Since Jacob wanted to humiliate him, he also wanted to make Jacob realize that he was not a person to be underestimated or looked down upon!

"Yes, Mr. President! As you command."

The assistant left Darren's office as quickly as he could, as if he had received amnesty.

Compared to Darren's calm and measured response, Dina seemed to have lost control over her senses. There was visible anxiety and tension in her eyes.

"Darren, I last heard that Jacob sent Emily and his children to the Tyrone Mansion along with a divorce agreement. Is that true? How brutal!"

Dina's voice was soft but that didn't necessarily mean she was conducting herself well.

"It's true, but I think Emily hasn't signed the divorce agreement as of now."

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