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   Chapter 1005 The Divorce Papers

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"I thank God that you are all right! That's so good to hear,"

Hunk murmured in a low voice. Not wanting Emily to see the tears in his eyes, he nodded his head slightly with a bright smile on his face.

He was known as a decisive and resolute man in the business world. None of his business partners would have guessed that he would have a tender and vulnerable side.

"Father, I'm sorry that I made you worry!"

Emily blamed herself. But at the same time, she felt really warmed, because she knew that her family would always help and support her under any circumstance. They made her feel safe in these difficult and trying times. Also, when she made mistakes, her family would be there to remind her of the righteous path. When she was desperate, her family would stay right there with her. Family was a constant that she could count on when the world fell away beneath her feet, as it had just done. During the past twenty years, Emily had never thought that familial love could be so powerful. Right now, they gave her renewed courage to face any difficulty.

"Yvonne, I thank God that you are all right! I was worried that you would do something stupid!" Hunk said to Emily with a warm smile on his face. Being a little tired, he added, "Dinner is ready. Let's go sit down."

"Okay." Emily nodded her head. After they went downstairs to the dining hall, she saw that all the dishes on the table were her favorite. In addition, some of the dishes were still in the warmer. Obviously, they had been waiting for her before starting dinner.

She felt a twitch in her nose, and nearly burst into tears. In order not to make Hunk worry further about her, she quickly took her seat and began to concentrate on the food. The food was delicious and she ate much more than before.

Hunk saw all of it and his heart ached for her, because Emily was his daughter, and her pain was his too.

During the following two days, Emily stayed at MK Manor and focused on sorting out the things Jacob had sent to her. She did it in person, because those things held a lot of memories. As for the envelope that Jacob had asked Sam to give her, Emily didn't open it.

On the third day, Emily got up early. After washing up and brushing her teeth, she put on some makeup. Sitting by the window of the study, Emily stared vigilantly at the entrance of the main gate. She knew that if everything went according to plan, Jacob would ask his men to hand her the divorce papers today.

In the late afternoon, Sam finally came to MK Manor with the divorce papers. He felt upset upon seeing the pale and sickly Emily.


get a divorce? Why does he want to give up on me and our children? Why does he refuse to give me and our children another chance to be a happy family again?"

'I understand that Jacob lost his memory and forgot our kids and me. But why is he so unwilling to give us another chance to get back together?' Emily thought to herself as her mind reeled with bitter confusion and an overwhelming sense of rejection.

"Mrs. Gu, I completely understand your frustration. Before Mr. Gu lost his memory, he loved you very much. And I'm sure that he still loves you. Maybe he has a reason. Or maybe he just doesn't know how much he loved you in the past!"

Sam tried his best to explain for his boss as he took an umbrella, which a bodyguard handed to him, and held it up for Emily. He really wanted to tell Emily the truth. But he had to keep his mouth shut about it, for Jacob had warned him not to tell Emily.

"I don't want to know why he wants to get a divorce. But I do know that I won't give up on him, and I won't sign the divorce papers either. Apart from that, I won't accept the money or anything else that he gives to me. I will wait for him until the day he regains his memories!"

Emily announced firmly as if she had already made up her mind. Her clear eyes were gleaming with determination, and her slender hands clenched tightly in a sign that she was willing to fight for what she wanted.

"Sam, please, do me a favor and tell Jacob that if he wants to get a divorce, he must talk to me face to face. He has no right to make decisions when it affects me too!"

Sam nodded his head and said, "Okay!"

Without saying anything more, Sam left MK Manor. While looking at his departing figure, Emily started to formulate a plan.

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