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   Chapter 1004 A Harmonious Union

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"Wait!" Seeing that Sam was making a phone call, Jacob suddenly said, "Send all these things to MK manor, and then take this to Emily."

Jacob picked up the scissors that were at hand and grabbed a lock of his hair. Then, to Sam's surprise, he cut it off and tied it together with a red string.

The wisp of hair was a symbol of marriage.

"You have to go in person, and you must hand this to her. Tell her not to come and find me. I'll send the divorce papers in three days. She can ask for whatever she wants!"

Jacob stared closely at the photos of Emily. It took a long time before he handed the string-bound lock of hair to Sam. Then, he quickly left the Tyrone Mansion.

In MK manor

Sam quickly followed Jacob's orders. In the afternoon, Emily received the items sent from the Tyrone Mansion: everything from the clothes and jewelry to the dinnerware. It looked like Jacob was determined to remove everything that reminded him about Emily from his life.

"How can he do this?"

Hunk was very angry. Afraid that Emily might get even more depressed, he did not say anything else, even though he was mad as hell at Jacob. Why send their stuff to MK manor to humiliate Emily when he could have just thrown it away?

"Ma'am, the president asked me to personally bring you something." Looking very serious, Sam reluctantly placed a small envelope in Emily's hands. "The president also asked me to bring you a message," he said solemnly.

Stunned, Emily stared at the envelope in her hands and asked with a hopeful smile, "What's the message?"

"The president said… that you should not come and find him, and that the divorce papers will be delivered to you in three days!" Sam truthfully told Emily what Jacob had said.

He thought it would be better to just tell the truth right now, rather than dash her hopes later.

Divorce papers?

Everyone was shocked. Jacob was being really cruel! He and Emily had been married for a long time and had two beautiful children together. Even though he had lost his memory of her, how could he be so callous?

Emily's face paled, and her eyes remained fixed on the envelope in her hands. Tears started to fall down her chee

ve dared to move everything from Tyrone Mansion to MK Manor, let alone tell her about the divorce. However, she wanted to preserve her last hope, wishing that it was all a misunderstanding. She wanted to believe that it was all because he hadn't recovered his memories of her.

She suddenly got up, put the envelope in the cupboard, and resolutely locked it.

Emily comforted herself with the thought that since they had both decided to marry before, both of them had to agree to the divorce. So if Jacob could not make it clear to her, face to face, she would not let go. Nor would she agree to the divorce! He had just lost his memory! He was still in love with her!

After letting go of all of her emotions, Emily went to the bathroom and washed her face. Then, she walked out of the room. In the hallway outside, Hunk and the two children waited, looking worried. Seeing her come out, they rushed up to her immediately.



Hunk's old but surprised voice, and Beryl's delicate but tender voice were both laden with strong expectations and worries.

Beryl and Hunk had tears welling up in their eyes, while Bowen, still filled with innocence, smiled brightly the moment he saw Emily come out.

Looking at Hunk and the children, although she was sad, Emily realized that her family was worried about her and that she could not let them down!

Hugging the children, Emily smiled bravely and said to Hunk, "Dad, I'm fine!"

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