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   Chapter 1003 Have The Same Thought

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'Emily was discharged from the hospital?'

Ray was puzzled at first, and then he realized why Michelle had been crying just now. It turned out that she had come to the hospital for Jacob, only to find that he had already left.

'I know that Michelle is a very arrogant woman. Why would she be crying because of such a measly little thing?'

Ray asked himself. At that moment, he truly didn't realize how much he cared about Michelle. He was paying all of his attention to Michelle, rather than Emily. He even forgot the real purpose of his visit as he focused on Michelle's crisis.

"You... On your way here, did you see a young girl who was dressed in a leather outfit?"

Rita asked in a weak tone. Although she was very angry with Michelle and had said some harsh things to her just now, she was still worried about her.

"Yes. I saw her. She ran out of here crying. Do you know her?"

Ray replied as he looked at the weak and sad Rita and her husband, David, who was sighing and shaking his head mournfully.

"Yeah. She is my sister!"

Rita replied and nodded her head. Her pure and normally clear eyes were clouded with sorrow and fatigue.

Rita knew what she had said to Michelle only minutes ago was really hurtful. In fact, she had already regretted it the moment those hurtful words had come out of her mouth. However, she had had no choice, because Michelle had fallen in love with Jacob and selfishly wanted to destroy his marriage with Emily. As Michelle's sister and Emily's best friend, Rita couldn't just let that happen.


Ray thought as his eyes grew wide. He hadn't looked closely at Rita until she told him that she was Michelle's sister.

He found that Michelle's face was somewhat similar in shape to Rita's. No wonder he had thought that Rita looked so familiar!

"You... Did you have a fight with her?" Ray asked tentatively, and he hoped that he might have a chance to find out more about the mysterious Michelle.

Everyone in Jingshi City knew that Rita and Emily were best friends. They were like sisters. Right now, Rita's sister wanted to steal her best friend's husband away from her. Rita couldn't stand that and had finally faced off with Michelle in a quarrel.


Rita replied sadly as she lowered her eyes and nodded her head.

Then she added, "In fact... Emily and Jacob are devoted to each other, so Michelle doesn't stand a chance of destroying their marriage."

Ray's handsome face flaunted a helpless smile. He felt a little embarrassed. In fact, he couldn't agree more with Rita. He had once

is room. There were photos of his two kids taken at all ages. At a door-frame, he saw some height markers for his children. In the children's room, there were all kinds of toys. In his room, he found many items which belonged to his daughter. All the things in the house reminded Jacob that he had once had a really happy family.

"Mr. Gu, Mrs. Gu has already taken the children back to MK manor with Hunk and Louis. She seemed to be very depressed. So I think..."

Sam said to Jacob. The moment he had left the hospital, Jacob had asked Sam to have someone shadow Emily.

"I got it!"

Jacob interrupted as he touched Emily's picture on the table in his study. His cold eyes glittered like the Arctic with a frosty intent.

After quite a while, he unwillingly put down the picture and ordered coldly, "Throw all their things away!"

'Throw all their things away?'

Sam looked at Jacob in surprise. He thought, 'Since Darren isn't able to enter this house, why does Mr. Gu want to throw Mrs. Gu and their children's things away?

All those things contain a lot of happy memories. If I throw them away today, they won't be able to find them anywhere in the future.'

"Mr. Gu?" Sam asked hesitantly, though out of deep concern. He didn't want Jacob to sacrifice his happiness for revenge. Besides, he also didn't want Emily to be sad because of this.

"I asked you to throw them away! Didn't you hear me?!"

Jacob shouted in a cold voice as he pressed his temples with his forefingers. His eyes were tired and full of sorrow. He knew he had to make a very difficult decision.

"Yes, Mr. Gu!"

Sam said. As a subordinate, he had to obey Jacob's orders, no matter how unreasonable they might seem.

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