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   Chapter 1002 Coming Home

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Sam sighed and trailed behind Jacob's footsteps, his gravelly voice echoing down the long corridor.

Emily had packed her things in the ward and when she looked at Jacob's sickbed, she cast her eyes down to the floor. She couldn't contain the grief that was eating her up from the inside. Hunk, the same as any loving father, couldn't bear to see his daughter so distraught and heart-broken. For a split second, anger flashed through his eyes before they returned to their dejected state.

"Yvonne, honey let's just go home, okay?"

Hunk slowly walked up to Emily, concealing his feelings.

"Okay..." Emily nodded her head reluctantly, muffled sobs wracking her chest. She wouldn't know where to take the two children herself if it weren't for Hunk and Louis.

The fact that Rita was bed-ridden in a hospital was reason enough for Emily not to bother her. However, apart from Rita and Jacob, Emily didn't know anyone else she could turn to.

She had been lonely all these years. Apart from being Jacob's wife, not many considered her as an individual with her own individual thoughts and feelings. As the wife of one of the most powerful men in the country, Emily was either curried favor with, or cut out from her social circle.

Hunk led everyone out of the room and shortly after, Emily stopped at Rita's ward to say good-bye. She put her arms around Rita's shoulders and said, "You better get well soon! I'll be waiting for you to come back!"

"Don't worry! I'll be back before you know it!" Rita nodded, stifling her sobs. She gave Emily an affectionate rub on the back to relieve her sadness despite the fact that she was having a hard time containing her emotions herself.

Michelle's presence and whatever had happened because of her failed to come in between these two best friends. Their friendship had stood the test of time and was capable of withstanding more than what Michelle could dish out.

"Take care of yourself!"

After a long, reassuring hug, the two women, with reluctance, finally let go of each other. Emily picked Bowen up from Louis and then walked out holding hands with Beryl.

Rita watched as her closest friend walked out and disappeared behind the door. Her disappointment at her own inability to take away Emily's sadness forced a teardrop to escape her eyes.

Emily and Jacob's love story was undoubtedly o

could barely bring herself to stand up. Pain was being carried through every part of her body by means of blood. Even her breath carried pain.


Michelle responded with one word trying to hold back the tears. She then turned around and left, pride holding her emotions at bay.

She kept telling herself that she was better off not having a sister who didn't even love her. She saw no reason to be sad since she had just lost something that never really belonged to her in the first place.

However, even after all the pep talk to herself, Michelle felt a sharp pang of pain in her heart.

She crouched down in a corner and wiped her face clean with her rough, calloused hands.

Soon after, Michelle stood up abruptly and fixed her hair before walking away with eyes that wore pure determination. By a remarkable coincidence, Ray showed up just as Michelle was leaving, surprised and confused by her sad expression.

Ray, who had just come to visit Emily, accidentally caught Michelle in a fragile state. Had Michelle been shamed by Jacob?

Ray proceeded towards Emily's ward with a smile on his face when he ran into Rita, standing on her feet with David's help.

"Are you here to see Emily?"

Rita had not recovered from her sadness yet and wasn't completely aware that Ray was the person standing in front of her.

"Is Emily inside?"

Ray nodded with a hint of eagerness in his eyes. He was more eager to see Jacob's embarrassed look.

"Emily and Jacob have already left. Please contact them in private if you want to pay them a visit!"

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