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   Chapter 1001 Jacob's Decision

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Emily sat quietly on the bed and watched Sam pack up Jacob's belongings for him, while Louis packed her bags. There was no point for Emily to stay in the hospital since Jacob was not going to be here any longer. However, a sudden feeling of uncertainty overwhelmed Emily as she didn't know what to do next.

Emily wondered if she should just take the kids and go back to MK manor with Hunk. The other course of action would be to shamelessly follow Jacob back to Tyrone Mansion.

In truth, she really didn't want to be separated from him. After all, they were just starting to get close again. She feared what the distance would do to what she had with him right now.

As much as she dreaded the thought, Emily didn't know how to bring it up to Jacob. A part of her was also afraid that he would disallow her from going with him. If that was the case, all her dreams would die and she would lose all her strength and courage to fight for their relationship.

Sam took a pitiful look at Emily, who was sitting across Jacob and hesitantly said, "Mr. Gu, your bags are packed. Are we... going to wait for Miss Emily?"

"That won't be necessary!"

Jacob looked up to lock eyes with Emily. The glint of hope in her eyes touched his cold heart. However, he had no choice but to burn her hopes to the ground. Jacob had a lot of unfinished business that needed his undivided attention waiting for him after his time at the hospital. He knew that the only way to keep Emily safe was to push her out of his life now while he still had the chance.

After spending the past few days with her, he found himself slowly trusting her more and more. However, he didn't want to risk putting her in any danger. The other day, just after Ray had left, Jacob had asked Sam to make a report on what had happened between him and Emily. Later on, he had realized why Ray had said that Emily's accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Ever since that day, he had been thinking about Emily. On that night, he had dreamed about what they had gone through in the past. However, for reasons unknown to him, he just couldn't talk to Emily about it.

Jacob was great at many things, apart from being bad with words. As a result, he decided to protect her the only way he knew—through his actions. Not only did he find it difficult to express himself through words, he found it even more difficult to talk about his feelings with someone else. Knowing how stubborn Emily was, if he had told her about his plans, she would have followed him without a doubt and ended up getting herself in danger.

Therefore, Jacob felt that he had be the one to make the hard decision.

Emily's heart broke into pieces when Jacob dismissed her. Shocked, her frail body trembled and her

this fact to his advantage. This was the best chance for him to save his family and take his enemies down for good.

"Daddy, you've already made a promise to me! If you break it, I will be really sad!"

Beryl smiled through her tears, her eyes red and swollen like tiny tomatoes. She sniffled and wiped the tears from her face on her sleeve. She looked just like her mother when she cried.

They locked their pinkies together, hands unknowingly forming the shape of a heart. This scene touched everyone's heart.

Since everyone still believed that Jacob had lost his memory, no one would blame him, not even his wife and children. For someone with no recollection of his past life, these people meant nothing to him. Only he had the right to choose who could stay and who could leave.

After calming Beryl down, Jacob quickly stood up to his feet, fixed his clothes and left without further delay.

Louis tried to stop him, but Emily stopped him. "Louis, it's not his fault... This is my fault for failing to bring back his memories!"

Emily's heartfelt tears ran from her cheeks all the way to the bottom of her chin, and they dropped on her crossed hands.

Her voice was just loud enough to be heard by Jacob. However, he kept walking. When he finally walked out and closed the door, all the coldness and cruelness he had faked just now dissipated. Once he let his real emotions out, he couldn't help but feel hurt and bitter.

Sam was just behind him. He had been following Jacob for many years now. Judging by the expression on Jacob's face, Sam immediately figured out why Jacob had chosen to push Emily and his kids away.

Jacob stood with his back against the wall for a while before he stood up straight. The moment he straightened up, he concealed his emotions under a cold expression again and said, "Let's go!"

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