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   Chapter 1000 His Memory Came Back

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7182

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Jacob's sudden silence made Emily feel uncomfortable. Although she had no appetite, she forced herself to eat the food Louis had brought for her. After all, she didn't want to punish his kindness for other reasons.

Jacob stayed in bed with his back to Emily until night time. When the doctors were making their usual rounds, Jacob insisted they move him to a private room for himself and Emily. The doctors agreed to his request, and before long, he was in the new ward with Emily. Emily looked around and was glad to find the room clean and tidy. However, she couldn't shake off the feeling of shyness because the two of them were alone in the room.

After the lights went out, Emily could only see Jacob in bed with the help of the moonlight. She looked sideways at the familiar figure of this man and her heart felt saddened.

It was quite late at night, but Emily couldn't even sleep a wink. She could tell that Jacob wasn't getting any sleep either. So, she built up the courage to get up and went to Jacob's bed. Then, she quickly lay tucked in beside him, wrapping her slender arm around his waist. When she noticed that Jacob didn't try to push her away, Emily had a smile of delight on her lips.

Although Jacob was now lying in a hospital bed, Emily could feel his familiar breath just as before. She felt so safe lying beside him that she could not help closing her eyes.

Jacob could feel her warmth being this close to Emily. He lay there without moving a muscle, afraid of disturbing her. It was not until he heard Emily breathing evenly that he turned to her and gently took her in his arms.

Under the pale moonlight, Jacob could see Emily's long, upturned eyelashes, her tiny nose and her flawless fair skin. Even in her sleep, Jacob could see the frown on her face.

Jacob raised his hand and gently stroked Emily's forehead. When she looked relaxed, he gave her a kiss and then closed his eyes to fall asleep.

In the morning, the first rays of the sun came through the drapes and woke Emily up. She fluttered her eyes open and stretched. Lately, she had been so worried about Jacob that it wasn't until last night that

. The lustful light of the moon only helped to further his arousal.

Emily, lying underneath Jacob's body, showed signs of vulnerability with her coy look. This only served to arouse Jacob's unbridled desire even more.

"I love you, my dear. You belong to me, don't you?"

Jacob asked in a low voice as he leaned closer towards Emily. However, before she could give him an answer, he had already made his way down to her neck, kissing every inch he could rest his lips on.

Emily wanted to push him away at first, but she couldn't find a reason to justify it. Regardless of whether Jacob had lost his memory or not, he was still her husband. Moreover, she had been yearning for Jacob's touch for a long time now.

It rained twice that night. Emily finally understood why Jacob had insisted on getting a private room.

In the following days, Emily got into Jacob's bed every day after midnight and went back to her own bed before dawn. They spent every night with each other having a good time. It even felt like she and Jacob had gone back to the beginning of their romantic relationship. This continued until Jacob was discharged from the hospital.

However, the more she longed for such days, the more she was setting herself up for disappointment.

On the day Jacob left the hospital, a lot of people came to pick him up—Sam, David and his wife, Michelle, and even Magee, Louis, Hunk, his two children, and so on.

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