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   Chapter 999 Jacob Treated Emily Differently

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10484

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"Correct!" Jacob instantly replied and nodded his head under Emily's eager and expectant gaze.

His lips curled up into an unconscious smile and the gloom he had been suffering faded away suddenly, even though he himself didn't realize it.

Without any further hesitation, Emily leaned closer to him and kissed him on his cheek.

"I'm hungry. Since you have a problem with letting me eat any food brought here by that woman, do you have another plan for what I'm going to have for lunch?" Jacob asked hopefully then.

He took a shuddering breath to shake off his lingering uneasiness and looked away, though his eyes craved the sight of Emily.

"Oh, that!" Emily murmured. She quickly collected herself and calmed down. "Please, wait a moment. I'm going out to get some food. I'll be right back," she said briskly and stood up.

But before she could move away, she felt Jacob grab her wrist. She then looked back at him with a puzzled expression, wondering what else he wanted to say. "Is there anything you feel like eating?" she asked in a hesitant manner with her eyes on his hand.

"No, huh, don't bother. I'll ask the hospital staff to prepare the meal." Jacob minced his words and then let go of her. He suddenly spotted the bodyguards outside, and he instantly came up with an alternative solution.

Jacob was also somewhat taken aback by his reaction, which had been so natural and intimate. As far as he knew from his memories, he had never been on very intimate terms with any woman, and he was actually repulsed by the thought of getting close to them. Although he had accepted the fact that Emily and he had been married and they must have been more intimate than a mere kiss on the cheek, he was still not ready for it and thought that it was happening too fast.

"Oh, of course," Emily said and winked.

She then sat down beside Jacob again. But in the following minutes, neither of them uttered a word, though Emily stole a glance at Jacob once in a while. The atmosphere was so weird and embarrassing that she found it hard to breathe smoothly. She felt like a teenager out on her first date who was completely clueless as to what to do!

From outside the ward, Louis had spotted the two of them sitting together just after he turned the corner. Surprised and worried, he quickly stormed into the room, stopped right in front of Emily and asked, "You're up, Yvonne! How do you feel now? Why don't you lie down and get some more rest?"

He looked her up and down, and his clear blue eyes filled with concern. Then, he heaved a sigh of relief and noticed the discomfort between the two people. Suddenly, something caught his attention. It was the swollen lips and the rosy cheeks of his younger sister. Louis curled his lips as he guessed what had happened before he had entered into the room. A mixed feeling of loss and delight was rising from the bottom of his heart.

He felt lost, because the man who occupied the most important place in Emily's heart had been returned to her, and that man was obviously not him. Soon, Jacob would take care of her and of everything that concerned her. Louis would

ke it anymore. Reaching out, he wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her nearer until she was perched on his lap.

"I've had enough. I want you now!" he murmured, emotions welling up to deepen his voice.

He didn't understand why he was acting like that, but he didn't want to suppress himself. The more time he spent with Emily, the stronger he felt for her. He was never a man who had been obsessed with women, but Emily was an exception. He was obsessed and captivated with her. He guessed that this was the reason why he had married her in the first place.

Now that Jacob thought of Emily as his wife, she would be the one he would spend the rest of his life with, regardless of whether he regained his lost memories or not. Deep in his heart, he believed that he must have loved this woman desperately.

"What are you doing?" Emily shouted in astonishment.

She couldn't think or move as she was wrapped up in Jacob's sudden hug. She closed her eyes in his familiar arms and, leaning against his chest, heard the familiar rhythm of his heartbeat. It was like the old times they had spent together. She had missed this intimacy so much during this last trying episode of their lives together, and at the same time, she was aware of what would happen next. They had been living together for such a long time that they were quite familiar with each other's bodies and needs.

Emily could feel that Jacob's body was getting hotter and hotter. She suddenly opened her eyes. They were inside an ICU in the hospital, and anyone who passed by could see them clearly through the glass window. Although Emily missed his body as much as he did hers, she had to stop. She pushed him away a little and gasped, "Please, wait, Jacob. They can see us!"

Jacob's eyes turned sober immediately. He sighed deeply, a lonely mournful sound, and let go of her. "Huh, I don't feel very well now. I think I'd better lie down and take a rest. Please, continue with the meal," he said abruptly and stood up.

Emily watched him walk to the bed, get onto it and lie down with his back to her.

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