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   Chapter 998 Jacob's Change

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Emily's clear eyes lit up with a fire of determination. An unshakeable smile crossed her dry, cracked lips.

She decided to trust Jacob and their love no matter what.

The look of unwavering confidence on Emily's face weakened Michelle's resolve. Michelle tried to force herself inside the ward to see Jacob, but the bodyguard who was standing in front of the door stopped her. Michelle threw a hissy fit, outraged by the bodyguard's reluctance to let her in, and then stormed out hurling abuse at him.

When she passed Ray, she deliberately paused for a few seconds and smirked at him contemptuously. "Oh, you are just as bad as I am!"

Ray's pursuit of Emily in the past was quite a popular story, mostly because she'd already been a married woman at the time.

Ray and Michelle were like two peas in a pod. There was no action too immoral or unethical for them as long as they could get what they wanted. They would rationalize actions on the basis that the ends would justify the means.

Michelle strongly believed that Ray had no right to judge her from such a high moral ground.

Ray glowered at Michelle's receding figure for a while. Then, he turned to Emily and said, "Take care. If you need anything, just give me a call. We are still friends! I will try my best to help you. Okay?"

"Sure!" Emily nodded, her curious eyes hovering between Ray and the direction Michelle had just walked off in. "If you don't mind me asking, how do you two know each other?"

"Oh! It was an accident... To be honest, it's also a long story and I'd rather tell you about it later. We're finally alone. Let's not talk about her. Don't let her ruin our moment!"

Ray stretched his thin lips and formed a casual but disappointed smile. Michelle was the only woman he cared about apart from Emily all those years ago. He never thought she would have feelings for Jacob. What a small world!

"Okay..." Emily smiled and nodded again. However, she gave him a meaningful look through her clear eyes.

She managed to see the disappointment in his face. He looked like a boy who had just been refused a box of chocolates.

Emily exchanged glances with Ray but she didn't utter a single word. Watching

ked away and sat in front of all the food Michelle had brought over earlier. Emily walked over and sat next to him. Emily's eyes lost their luster when she saw all the food Michelle had carefully prepared for him.

Michelle had been taking care of Jacob since Emily had gone missing. Even Emily could see how much effort she had put in to prepare all of this delicious food.

Emily paused to think for a while. Instead of picking up the chopsticks, she asked, "What do you...think about Michelle?"

Jacob gestured at his bodyguards with his hand. Immediately, a few walked in and took away the food. He then looked at Emily with his gleaming eyes and replied, "There is nothing between us. To me, she is just a girl who saved my life. It was her own idea to take care of me. I didn't ask for her help... More importantly, I wouldn't offer myself just to gain her favor!"

Jacob's implication was obvious: he would give Michelle anything but himself.

His honesty and determination put Emily's heart to ease. She heaved a deep sigh, letting her worries out in one long exhalation. "Thank you for being so honest with me! I believe in you. I also believe that the love we have is stronger than anything in this world... Although you forgot about our children and me, you are still the only person I love with all my heart! I am still the same person you fell in love with in the past. I have faith in us too! We are going to be just as happy as we used to be!"

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