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   Chapter 997 A Full Fight

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Rita would have stopped her and scolded her because she was Michelle's sister. However, he was nobody to her. Ray was nothing more than a stranger whom she had met only twice. He was in no position to point a finger at her and judge her behavior.

Although Jacob scorned Michelle, he could tell she knew who Ray was. Jacob couldn't help but wonder how a secret agent of RT Organization knew a superstar like Ray.

"Bitches are bitches. Do you really think everyone is as reckless as you?"

Ray was looking at her with his eyebrows angrily raised. His gaze was as sharp as a knife, and his tone was cold but firm. It sounded like he didn't care about her threat at all.

This was the first time Jacob was seeing someone speaking so shamelessly about their immoral behavior. Ray couldn't understand how she could say she was only chasing her dream and happiness.

It seemed to Ray that her desire for freedom had led her to make a decision and seek her happiness based on ruining someone else's family and life. Following her twisted logic, Ray wondered if she would consider murdering a person and breaking the law as also being okay, if it was in pursuit of her happiness.

"No one can stop me from doing what I want. Not even you!"

Michelle threw her hair back and walked up to Ray at the speed of light. She struck out at his clean-cut face with her full-powered fist.

Ray had learned some skills in his acting career, and he quickly leaned to one side and dodged her attack. At the same time, he grabbed her arm, and corners of his lips curled up. "I have been nice to you because you are a woman. However, you are now a third and unwelcome person in my friend's family. I don't punch a woman, but I do hit bitches!"

With that, he pulled her arm hard and swung her over his back. However, her body drew a beautiful curve in the air, and she landed on the ground unharmed. Her swift and professional skills made the maneuver seem like a piece of cake.

"I am going to teach you a lesson about staying out of other people's business. You are going to pay for talking shit!" Michelle hissed at him.

She was as venomous as a snake! Her cold and sharp eyes locked onto Ray's body, but her lips raised up into a snarl, and she looked at him with a sarcastically lifted eyebrow and a weird smile.

The next second, they started wrestling with each other. Emily, who was awakened by the noise caused

ily shook her head and smiled wanly. "Why are you here? Why aren't you off studying at your school?"

In Emily's eyes, Ray was like her little brother, although they looked about the same age.

"I heard you had returned, so I flew back to see you. Even though I can't love you, I can still care about you. Right?"

Ray had put his mean face, which he had just shown to Michelle, away. Now, his clean-cut and handsome face had a warm smile on, which made even Michelle's eyes grow distant. She couldn't believe that this man with the venomous tone could also be such a genuine and caring person.

"Don't tease me! Jacob would not like that!"

Emily intentionally rolled her eyes at him and laughed. Ever since the day they had first talked in this manner, she had been treating him as her little brother. Theirs had become a familial relationship reserved for siblings.

"Jacob... Jacob... You only think about him! Do you know that this woman is trying to steal your husband?"

Emily's eyes followed his pointing hand and saw Michelle, who looked arrogant and fearless. It seemed as if the shameless woman Ray had just talked about could not possibly be her.

"Don't worry about it. No one can win my husband's heart besides me!"

Emily smiled calmly. She seemed to be looking at Michelle. However, she was looking at the man who was watching her through the window of the sickroom.

Even though she was answering Ray's question, she also tried to tell Michelle and herself that she trusted herself, her husband, and their strong love. There was no room for a third person in their marriage.

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