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   Chapter 996 The Blessing In Disguise

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6898

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One was the president of a group, and another, a star in the show business. They really had nothing in common.

What was more, he had just remembered the name of the company that Darren had taken away. It was called the Bai Group. Bai Family... Emily... Jacob didn't think it could be a coincidence, even though his heart was constantly ricocheting between two things... Did he even love this woman in the first place or not? And why had he forgotten Emily?

"You still can't remember her, which is a good thing, in a way. You know, you always hurt her. You losing your memory is only a blessing in disguise for her."

Seeing Jacob's frowning face and pursed lips, Ray got invested further. Jacob had been a bully to him for a long time. Now was his chance to get revenge.

Jacob, on the other, couldn't get Ray's words out of his head. A blessing in disguise?

Emily wasn't happy when she was with him?

He had a hard time trying to imagine that. When he shifted his eyes to Emily's beautiful, delicate face and her long eyelashes, wet with tears, pain seized his heart.

'She loves me, doesn't she?

Why else would she stay with me? Why would she bear the pain and put up with my bad attitude?

What was wrong with us?'

One question flooded his mind after another. Jacob realized Emily had already been a part of his life. When he thought about it carefully, the only thing he could feel was that his entire life was closely related to a woman called Emily, even though he did not recall what kind of relationship they had shared. That was exactly how he felt about Bai Group and the two kids who resembled him so much.

All the facts proved that Emily was his legitimate wife. But whether they loved each other or not... No paper could confirm that.

"Was she in pain when she was with me?"

Jacob opened his thin mouth slightly and asked in a low, confused voice. He used to be the absolute monarch of Jingshi City, so much so that every woman used to long for him. How could Emily suffer with him?

Part of him did not believe Ray at a

en't you very proud of yourself? Why should you be mistreated by a man? Huh?"

He had always been a reticent man. However, upon meeting Jacob and Michelle, his inner devil wanted to refute and provoke them.

"It was you! Did it hurt to get beaten? Aren't you afraid of karma returning to you for being so mean?"

There were other people in the ward, but Michelle focused only on Jacob, ignoring them completely. But sadly, she couldn't ignore Ray's harsh words.

"No matter how mean I am, I am not someone who would destroy other people's families!"

All of Ray's curiosity and appreciation regarding Michelle disappeared when he found out she liked Jacob. It was beyond him how women could fall for a person like Jacob.


The bowl of soup Michelle was carrying fell down on the ground. The china shattered all around her, and the soup splashed on her shoes. She stared at the mess for a while, anger rising up in her throat. But she calmed herself down and cleared the pieces. Coldly, she replied, "It's none of your business. What I want and what I do to get it is my business. Don't try to restrain me with your so-called morality. And mind you, if you continue to harass me, you will regret it."

Michelle sneered at Ray and walked away with the pieces. She sounded like the bad person in the story but was it really wrong to pursue what one wanted?

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