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   Chapter 995 A Sound Sleep

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7941

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Ray held his breath, as if he had finally understood something... 'I had heard that Jacob was admitted to the hospital because of serious injuries, and that he has had several surgeries since. Is the rumor true then? Has he really forgotten Emily?' he thought with a puzzled look.

Hearing what Louis had said, Jacob suddenly felt his heart aching, and he felt like he was suffocating.


Why would I want to know something about Emily? Why would I want her to wake up? And why am I jealous of every man who yearns for her?

Is it because someone said that we were once a loving couple or that I have children with her?' Jacob thought with a frown. He wondered why he cared so much about the woman in front of him. Since Emily had appeared, he had been uneasy and empty-minded, as if he had lost something precious, yet he couldn't remember what.

"Since you are Emily's elder brother, what should I call you?" Ray asked politely. Ray had instantly understood Louis's protective urges regarding Emily from what he had said, and he expressed this insight by asking for his name.

"My name is Louis. Her name is not just Emily; she's actually called Yvonne!"

'Louis... Yvonne... Why do these two names sound so familiar?' Ray thought to himself. It was as if something was hidden in his memory just out of reach.

"You are Louis from the Ke Group in F Country?" he asked then.

Having been in the entertainment circle for many years, Ray had enjoyed the opportunity to travel extensively around the world. He had once spent a long time making a movie in F Country, where he had seen that Louis had put up all kinds of notices to look for Yvonne. This was where he knew their names from.

Ray had never even considered that Emily could be Yvonne.

"That's really miraculous! If I had known that she was your sister, I would have brought her to you. Perhaps you could have betrothed your sister to me because I helped you find her,"

Ray said jokingly while staring at Emily's pale cheeks. His dark eyes were throbbing with tenderness.

"Yeah... If I had found her at that time, all the misfortune which she has had to endure would not have happened. She would not have been hurt for no reason,"

Louis said as he looked at Emily with caring eyes. 'If I had found her earlier, she wouldn't have had to suffer at all, ' he thought bitterly.

"Yes, y

e obstructed view which the doctors' bodies created.

At this moment, Jacob could still feel Emily's breath and warmth that had been left on his palms and chest, and strangely, he felt such familiarity with her presence. He suddenly became so obsessed with her that he wanted to touch her and hold her in his arms forever...

After an examination, one of the doctors concluded, "The patient had nightmares because of her anxiety. As her family members, you should always pay attention to her mood and not cause her too much agitation."

Ray watched the doctors until they left. Then, he turned to Emily and Jacob, who had closed his eyes again.

"How can you sleep well?" Ray asked Jacob, his tone mildly accusing.

But there was no response.

"Don't you wonder why Emily could fall asleep quickly while you were comforting her?"

Ray asked Jacob while staring intently at his face. At the same time, Ray wiped the sweat from Emily's forehead with a tissue.

Hearing Ray's words, Jacob's eyelids fluttered slightly and his brows were knitted, but he still didn't reply.

"Do you still remember that I had loved Emily and chased after her? Since you've forgotten her, I'll have a better chance now. Do you think that I should seize it?"

Ray asked tentatively, trying to provoke Jacob's memories.

'Did he chase after her?

This woman is so charming! Surely, many men chased after her?'

Jacob thought in disgust. Then, he tried to recall what had happened between him and Ray. All he could remember was that they had been at odds, but the reasons eluded him.

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