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   Chapter 994 Ray And Michelle Meet Again

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11239

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"Don't be silly! You have no idea how well-off these movie stars really are! It's as easy as stepping from the bedroom to the living room for them to fly back and forth! Besides, who said he needs to stay abroad forever and never return?"

More and more people gathered around them. They exchanged their wild ideas with one another and the place was soon humming with all kinds of wild speculation and gossip.

Michelle had filtered out all the whispering around her or she just didn't take it to heart, and apparently it didn't bother her. She took her time to look down at her own clothes, as if she was quite annoyed that it had been stained by touching someone that she hated.

"Hey there! I'm talking to you. It was you who ran into me like a headless fly and knocked all my stuff onto the floor. I'm a decent man and won't ask you for reimbursement, but out of courtesy, I think you at least need to apologize to me. However, I believe it's not proper for you to have acted like that!" Ray said with a furious expression as he wiped some of the spilled food off his designer jeans.

He had been provoked. The blue veins on his forehead stood out throbbing, and his eyes reddened. He stared at Michelle as if he would pounce on her at any minute, like an eagle spreading its wings and ready to launch into assault.

"That's ridiculous of you!" Michelle's emotionless voice sounded cold in the hospital passage.

Her pent-up grievances had placed her under some stress, and she had been looking for a way to vent her annoyance, and then Ray had shown up right at this moment. Michelle's anger had almost dissipated by now. She felt nothing but exhaustion right now, and was eager to find a place to spend some time alone. She needed to figure out what she could do next, and how she would face her elder sister later. Thus, she had no interest at all to waste her time here with this fop of a man.

With that thought, Michelle slowly turned her face to Ray and glared at him coldly.

It was Ray who was suddenly taken back, as he remembered that this was not the first time that they had met.

He had prepared himself that he wouldn't let her go until she sincerely apologized to him, but now the thought floated away like a balloon. On top of that, his eyes lit up in excitement and surprise.

He remembered that the woman right in front of him was the one he had run into at Starry Night Entertainment Club the other day. It had been exactly the same situation as today. She had knocked him down then with an expression that said that the entire world should kneel at her feet, which had impressed him deeply.

"It's you! We've met before," Ray said, deliberately pronouncing each syllable lightly and clearly.

He then let out a brisk laugh. Maybe it was because he used to be a singer, but he knew quite well how to use this to his advantage.

Stepping forward and blocking Michelle's escape, Ray leaned against her and whispered into her ear in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "We always meet on a narrow path, don't we? Believe it or not, this must be the work of fate. I couldn't get you out of my mind after our breathtaking confrontation last time!"

As far as Ray could remember, he had never been hit before in his life, except for his father's punishment when he was a little boy, and Michelle was the only person

a smile while looking at the stains on his clothes in puzzlement. "Nice to meet you. You must be here to visit my sister!"

"Sister?" Ray repeated in a daze.

Stopping, Ray looked at the strange foreign man with a confused expression.

He then cast a glance at Emily before turning his eyes to the man with a wide smile again. He wondered what he had missed. All he had learned was that Emily had been missing for a while, but since then, she had evidently inherited an elder brother too.

Ray turned to Jacob for an explanation, but Jacob just closed his eyes, pretending that he hadn't seen Ray at all.

"You are Emily's elder brother?" Ray asked in a hesitant tone.

He walked to Emily's bed while deliberately muffling his footsteps. Louis followed him until both of them stood by her bedside.

"Right, I'm her elder brother and I've just come back from abroad. She has not recovered from her injuries though. But that's not the most urgent problem that she is facing right now," Louis replied in a sarcastic tone as he glanced across at Jacob.

Louis's eyes kept stealing glances at the man who lay on the other bed. He knew that Jacob would hear him and deliberately chose these words to provoke him. Since Jacob was making Emily suffer, he would never leave Jacob alone. The more Jacob suffered, the happier he felt.

"What? What's going on here?" Ray was even more confused than before.

Although he was still trying to figure out why Emily suddenly had a brother, he believed it because it seemed that Jacob admitted it with his silence.

"Right, but the most hurtful part is that the man who has caused her suffering seems not to realize how much pain he has caused. What an embarrassing situation! I would definitely hit my head against the wall if I were him. But he just eats his meals and goes to sleep, as if nothing has happened. Oh, my poor sister! What can I do for her? I shall take her away and never allow her to see that man again!" Louis complained, more to Jacob than to Ray.

He bent and gently pushed a stray strand of hair behind Emily's ear. His knitted eyebrows and gloomy face were telling the same story to Ray.

Ray took a deep breath and turned to look at Jacob, suddenly enlightened.

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