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   Chapter 993 Swoop In

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A sharp pain gnawed at his swollen face, and his face twisted in a dark grimace. He looked at Dina, who was strutting her status and trying to be domineering. He then looked at Darren and replied, "It's true. Do you really think there is any point for me to lie to you now?"

Now was the best chance for them to get rid of Jacob, so Agni was not going to lie. He didn't want to anger Darren and put himself in the position of having to keep watching Jacob.

Darren's eyes darkened. His smile became animated and he feigned interest as he lowered his voice and said in a dangerously sarcastic tone, "Great! Michelle is enough for them to deal with. There is no point for me to waste my time and money to trouble them further then. Dina, what do you think?"

She was shocked to hear Darren suddenly calling out her name. Darren had never asked for her opinion on anything in the past. She couldn't help but wonder why he was doing it today. She could not help but wonder if he was treating her as his wife and the owner of the KING Group.

Thinking of his words in the present, joy welled up in Dina's heart and she dreamed of everything that she wanted. She was going to have a great fortune, and a handsome man like Darren to support her. When she went home, she was going to be the richest person in her family!

"Darren, you know that I don't know much about this. I think your idea is the best. Do what you think is right. I will support you and stand behind you!"

Dina put her red lips near Darren's ear. When she spoke, her perfume and alluring voice enticed his lust for her body. He felt his loins burning.

Darren had to admit that Dina was very good at pleasing him. Her performance in bed was much better than in front of the camera, which was why Darren had kept her around for all these years, although he had since slept with a lot of women.

"Good girl!"

Darren gripped Dina tighter. Their bodies were right next to each other. It seemed that they were about to get intimate any second now. And they didn't seem to find it inappropriate to do it right here, in front of Agni.

They started to kiss and touch each other's bodies. This sexy live show was making Agni feel hot, even though the room was chilly. He regretted not having had more fun with the girls in the bar earlier. Now, he just wanted to find a girl and throw her in bed.

"Mr. Xu, what'

s eyes, he then looked at the woman who didn't plan to stop or apologize as she began to turn away.

He stood up and caught up with her. Then he grabbed her shoulder and said, "Can you at least..."

Before he could finish his sentence, she grabbed his wrist and, with a swift pull, threw him down over her back. With a loud smack, he was on the ground next to the spilled food. The commotion had attracted a lot people's attention.

Ray couldn't feel more ashamed. He had never been so humiliated before in his whole life. He used his hand to hold his painfully twisted arm, and he struggled to pull himself up. Looking at Michelle in anger, he shouted, "What's wrong with you? After you were in the wrong by bumping into me and spilling my food, how could you act so rudely?"

Her long dark hair had covered her face during their physical exchange. Ray could only see her beautiful chin from between the gaps in the locks of hair.

This woman seemed very familiar to Ray. He felt that he had seen her somewhere before, but he couldn't remember where. At this moment, he couldn't care less about these feelings though. He cared more about repairing his shattered self-esteem!

There were a lot of people in the hospital. Some had drawn closer, seeking entertainment. A few of them recognized the man who had just been thrown to the ground as Ray, the most popular star at present.

"Hey! Look! Doesn't he look like Ray?"

"He does! But he can't be! I heard that Ray went to study abroad for a couple of years. How could he suddenly return? But he does look a lot like him!"

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