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   Chapter 992 Is It True

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Dina asked as she looked at Darren in surprise, wondering what he meant by that.

Dina had saved up some money from her time as a popular actress and celebrity. However, in comparison to the amount Darren would have to pay in restitution, her savings were just a drop of ink in an ocean.

"Yes! It's you!"

Darren answered with certainty.

"But... How can I be of any help to you for that?"

Dina's delicate skepticism was a result of her feeling a little alarmed. After all, nothing about the KING Group could be taken lightly as it was the biggest corporation in the city. After Darren had taken over the Bai Group, he had merged the Xu Group with the Bai Group and established the powerhouse that was famously known as the KING Group. 'I am just an actress. What makes him think that I have the ability to run something this big?' she wondered.

No wonder Dina had a hard time believing what Darren had just said. Any person with an ounce of sense would question Darren's words right now.

"I have a very wealthy friend who runs the city's biggest black market. He is willing to help me get through these difficult times by lending me some money. But there's one condition. He wants you to be his lover."

Darren spoke with his low but effective voice. The flicker of light in his eyes dimmed down as he lowered his face. However, he was just pretending to be sad to win her sympathy. Luckily, Dina didn't suspect anything.

'Lover? The lover of some shady black market dealer? Me?

But if he can help someone like Darren with money, then he must be filthy rich indeed. At least, he must be very influential, ' Dina thought to herself.

Taken by curiosity, Dina couldn't help wondering who Darren was talking about. However, as she was still Darren's lover, she thought it would be unwise to show her true feelings in front of him. Thus, feigning an aggrieved look on her face, she shook her head in disbelief and said, "You... You are going to sell me to an old man?"

"I didn't mean that. I just... I just want to seek a better future for us. Jacob has already regained consciousness and Emily has come back with her father and her brother. I am afraid of what will happen to us in the coming battle that is waiting to break out. Jacob has nearly destroyed the KING Group with his unethical methods. Please try to understand. I have no one else to turn to,"

Darren explained with his deep and captivating voice, squeezing out a few drops of tears. He tried his best to convince Dina that he loved her and that he actually didn't want her to become someone else's lover.

Most men were known to keep their emotions bottled up and never shed a tear, which was why Dina was completel

ecided to punish him.

"No. I'm sorry about that, but I tried my best. Michelle's been at Jacob's side, day and night. I couldn't even get close to him. Moreover, after what happened last time, she has been alert and wary of me. If I continue to act now, she will surely kill me,"

Agni replied. He knew Michelle well. So, he was sure that when Jacob's life was at stake, she wouldn't treat him as her master. There was news from the hospital saying that Michelle had fallen in love with Jacob. If he went to kill Jacob at the hospital again, he was afraid that it would just be a suicide mission.

"Are you afraid of getting killed by her? Did you forget that she is your apprentice? As her master, if you can't kill her, then who can? Can you tell me?"

Darren clearly didn't believe what Agni had said. Besides, he knew that Agni wasn't really good at making excuses.

"You don't know her very well, so you might think I am just making excuses. I have lied to her many times and I have also hurt the man she loves. Believe me when I say this, I'm sure that she will get her revenge on me sooner or later,"

Agni quickly explained himself as tiny beads of sweat trickled down his forehead.

'The man Michelle loves?'

Darren astutely captured the important information. "Who is this man you speak of? The one Michelle is in love with? Who is he?"


Agni replied, lowering his head in disappointment. At first, he also hadn't believed it to be true. However, when he had been waiting for his chance to kill Jacob in the hospital a few days ago, he had overheard Michelle quarreling with Rita. That was how he had found out that Michelle was deeply in love with Jacob.

Darren's frown lasted for a few moments before the light in his eyes lit up again and he asked, "Is it true?"

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