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   Chapter 991 Sweet Talks

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7779

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Darren read through every single word carefully. The more he read, the deeper his heart sank into a chasm. Frustration was starting to spread all over his body like a disease, which made him feel itchy and easily irritable.

Even after Darren had put down the paper, his assistant stood there completely motionless. He looked at Darren with expectation, but his eyes were met with nothing but gloom. He kept fidgeting nervously, as if there was something else he needed to get off of his chest.

"What's wrong?"

Darren cast him a glare. His eyes seemed to be forcing an answer out of his frightened assistant's throat. Staggering back just a few steps, he looked at Darren quickly but warily. "Mr. Xu... We received a message from the hospital a few moments ago... Emily has returned without so much as a scratch. She came back with a man called Louis, who is the next successor of the Ke Group. There have been rumors flying around that he has transferred all of his business to this city. Perhaps it has something to do with Emily!"

"That's rubbish!"

Darren scoffed in disgust, and he threw the papers to the floor angrily. He then stood up abruptly, loosened his tie and kicked his chair to the wall as hard as he could.

His temper tantrum drove away all the color from his assistant's face. His assistant's body was trembling like a dried leaf. He didn't even dare to make a sound. He just stared at his shoes and waited for Darren to finish venting his anger.

Darren had set a fire in the village, but unfortunately, the fire had taken neither Jacob's nor Emily's life. Then, Agni had tried to assassinate Jacob, but he had failed as well. Now, Emily had come back with a big helper. The KING Group was going to have an even harder time than Darren had anticipated.

Darren was infuriated by the thought of how lucky his enemies were.

He narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance outside the window. Clutching his hands into fists inside his pocket, Darren asked in a cold and gloomy tone, "Where is Agni?"

He couldn't care less about what David was going to do. However, Jacob was the one he was worried about. As long as Jacob was alive, Darren and his business would never have a comfortable day. All the troubles his company was facing right now were gifts given by Jacob.

"He has been spen

y at the same time.

"Fine! You said you would not leave me and you would follow me everywhere!"

Dina's tears had been kissed away by Darren. Dina's voice rose with his stronger movements and she moaned, "I... Mm-hm... I am not going to leave you... Uh-huh... I will not..."

Darren cracked a self-satisfied smile and worked hard on top of her. "Do you like this?"

"I do... Uh-huh... I am coming baby..."

Dina expressed her pleasure with moans that could wake up the entire neighborhood. In her trance, she uttered every dirty word she had in her vocabulary. The orgasm she had shot pleasure up into her mind. When it was over, she looked at Darren with a satisfied smile.

"What a babe! Only you can make me work that hard!" Darren pinched her nose gently and wrapped his hands around her waist.

"Don't tease me!"

Dina bit his shoulder gently and curled up in his arms.

"Dina, you are the only person in this world I can trust. Are you willing to help me with my business?"

Darren turned his head to her and asked. His eyes were vague but sincere when he looked at Dina.

"Of course I do! What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours. Now that we have decided to be with each other forever, no matter what happens, I will do my best to help you!"

Dina had lost herself in between the intimate moments and Darren's sweet talks. She couldn't think straight anymore. To her, it seemed as though Darren was the whole world. And she would do anything for him.

"Right now, only you can save the KING Group," Darren said.

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