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   Chapter 990 Rita And Michelle Fell Out

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Everyone was taken aback by Rita's sudden outburst. Michelle covered her face and stared back at Rita disbelievingly, her ears ringing. She had drawn every possible picture of how Rita and she would get along with each other when they finally met, but this was certainly not one of them.

"What are you doing?" Michelle hissed from between her teeth, still in shock. Her voice trembled when she spoke as if she were broken-hearted from being wronged.

Rita was the last person on earth who would want to harm Michelle. After all, she had been looking forward to finding her for a long time.

Rita raised her chin and looked at her, feeling remorseful that her younger sister had failed to live up to her expectations. Rita was just a little taller than Michelle, which gave Michelle a feeling of inferiority.

"Wake up! I did this for your own good! Stop sleeping! Don't you feel ashamed?" Rita asked in a tearful and hoarse voice. She had mustered all her strength to slap Michelle. Her palm had gone numb at first, but now she could feel the burning pain shooting up. However, it was nothing compared to the pain she felt inside her heart. Rita would never allow her younger sister to put her foot in another person's marriage.

Although it was a pity that they had been separated for a long time, it didn't mean that Rita would break her principles, especially when it came to Emily, her best friend.

"It's none of your business! You have no right to judge me! You hit me because Jacob is your best friend's husband, right? I can't believe that she is more important to you than your own sister. Rita, tell me then, are you displeased about having a sister like me?" Michelle blurted out.

She just spoke out what was in her mind, not thinking about whether it would bring insult to Rita's injuries or not.

On the other side, Rita widened her mouth and her eyes, her heart bleeding out due to her sister's groundless questioning. Right before her very eyes was her younger sister, for whom she had spent countless sleepless nights worrying over. However, at the moment, she found herself too frustrated and disappointed to accept Michelle as her family.

If she hadn't been looking for Michelle, Darren wouldn't have learned that Michelle was her younger sister, and he would never have brought harm upon Emily and Jacob. If Darren hadn't been so desperate, Jacob wouldn't have lost all of his memories regarding Emily. Emily wouldn't have a beloved husband who couldn't remember anything between them, especially after all the hardships she had gone through in the past. And if things weren't bad enough for her, another woman was trying to steal her husband from her.

Rita had many reasons to believe that this was all her fault. She shouldn't have been so obsessed with finding her sister. If she had given up earlier, the people around her wouldn't have had to go through this, and the cost was too heavy for her to take now.

"That's enough, Michelle! We shouldn't blame anyone for what has happened in the past. Neither I nor our parents spent a single day in true peace after we lost you. Our parents spent the rest of their remai

art bled to say that to her sister.

Michelle was aware that Rita cared about her, but she was jealous of the fact that Rita cared more about Emily. It was hard for her to accept it.

"You're wrong, Michelle. Please stop this before you get hurt or end up hurting someone else!" Rita finally collapsed. Dizzied and exhausted, she felt her entire world spin before it all went black. Fortunately, David was there to catch her before she fell down to the ground.

Michelle was heading straight into a dead end, and she would find nothing but pain waiting for her there.

Meanwhile, Michelle cracked an arrogant smirk while casting them a cold glance. She turned her eyes from them and slowly said, "Let's just put an end to all of this! If you still take me as your sister, you will leave me alone and never try to interfere with my life!"

Without another word, Michelle walked away, heading to the exit of the hospital without glancing back even once.

Rita had just opened her mouth to say something, but Michelle had gone out of her sight before she could even utter a word. She shut her eyes, shaking her head gravely.

On the other side of town, an anxious Darren was starting to get ants in his pants.

He was busy dealing with the sudden efflux of employees from the former Bai Group, and to add to his headache, he would have to pay damages of an astronomical figure. Thus, he had to make his business the priority of his life, leaving David to take Rita away. After all, he couldn't be in two different places at the same time.

"Mr. Xu, another batch of cooperative companies is asking us to start right away, a dozen perhaps. If we fail to do as regulated in the contracts, they're going to sue us. I'm afraid that there's nothing we can do about it!" His assistant interrupted his thoughts and stopped in front of his desk.

He was holding a stack of documents in the crook of his arms. The documents probably contained the checks he needed to sign and the statements of the project postponed by the strike of the employees.

"I hear you," Darren replied, taking his time.

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