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   Chapter 989 They Love You

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Jacob carefully looked at Bowen and Beryl. The girl looked a lot like Emily, and the young boy was a younger version of him. They both seemed to be a chip off the old block.

"Son, I don't want to know why you have forgotten my daughter, granddaughter, and grandson, but what I want to tell you is that they all love you so much that they make me jealous as a father and grandfather!" There were tears beginning to brim in Hunk's eyes.

Hunk turned around and studied Jacob intently. Hunk felt a little affection forming for Jacob. During the investigation, he had learned that Jacob and Emily had always loved each other. But he had not expected Emily to love Jacob so deeply that she was willing to die for him.

Jacob stared at Hunk without saying anything. He could feel that the old man bore him no malice, but he could not remember anything about the old man. So, he had not believed them and thought that he had forgotten everything about Emily.


Why did he remember everyone except her?

Everyone said that they were in love, and even when he was dying and about to lose consciousness, Jacob could feel Emily's strong feelings that poured forth for him. That emotion was too raw to be fake, which showed that they had really loved each other.

But so what?

Now, he had forgotten their past and everything about Emily. He could not give up his own principles and compromise just because other people told him that his wife was Emily!

With this in mind, Jacob coldly turned around and did not answer Hunk's words, nor did he continue to look at Emily and his two children.

Sam felt an intense sorrow for Jacob from the bottom of his heart. He couldn't believe that Jacob had dared to offend his father-in-law. If Jacob ever recovered his memory in the future, it would be hard for him to make it up to Hunk…

After learning that Emily had fainted, Rita ran to the room where Emily and Jacob were, despite Michelle and David's objections.

By this time, Hunk had returned to MK manor with the two children. Sam also had to leave because of the urgent business of the KING Group. Only Jacob, Louis, and the quietly sleeping Emily were left in the room.

Louis stared intently at Jacob's lonely back wi

she turned around and left the room.

Louis stared at Jacob with his blue eyes, looking amused.

'This family is really interesting!' he thought to himself and couldn't help giving a mental chuckle.

"Michelle, are you crazy? Do you want to upset your sister?"

David's face slowly sank, and his eyes were full of anger. He glared at Michelle intensely. He had been patient with her because she was Rita's sister, and she had not behaved in such an appalling manner in front of Rita before now. Now that she did not care about Rita's health, why should he tolerate her?

"I'm crazy? What's wrong with pursuing what I want? I do like Jacob, so what? Are you here criticizing me because of Emily? Is it because you and Emily have known each other longer and are closer? If she were in my shoes, I am sure that you would have given your blessing!"

Michelle raged in an indignant voice. She had lived alone for more than 20 years, and it had not been easy for her to live the life she wanted. Why shouldn't she pursue her right to happiness now? After all, she was no longer bound to Agni and the international organization. They all did whatever they wanted themselves anyway! It was time for her to look after herself and take what she wanted.

When Rita's speculations were confirmed by Michelle herself, Rita felt really shocked and angry. She did not hesitate to step up in front of Michelle and slap her hard on the cheek, which both stunned and angered Michelle.


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