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   Chapter 988 Her Tears

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Hunk picked Bowen up, the baby who was so good at eating that he had gained quite some baby fat. Unfortunately for the old man, he couldn't lift Bowen for long without beads of sweats forming on his forehead. His frail and feeble muscles couldn't bear what a heavyweight of mass the baby was.

However, even with that, he was still stubborn about holding Bowen in his arms and playing with him. Obviously happy with the baby, Hunk smiled and said, "Good boy, give your grandpa a kiss!"

Bowen didn't grimace or sneer. Instead, his tiny face and chubby cheeks stretched into a smile before planting a kiss on his grandfather's wrinkled face. Meanwhile, Beryl, who stood in the corner watching Hunk play with Bowen, suddenly felt a bit jealous.

Besides Sam, no one else had picked her up and kissed her in a long time. And just like any child deprived of love and attention, she, too, longed for her grandpa to play with her.

"Bowen, you are so big and heavy now! Go to Mommy. Let Grandpa have a rest!"

Emily took Bowen from Hunk, and when she was about to walk to Beryl, Hunk hunkered down and held the poor girl in his shivering arms.

"Beryl, Grandpa is already old. I'm really sorry that I can't carry you around anymore, big girl. But know that you are a smart and lovely girl, and Grandpa is very glad to have you as my granddaughter!"

Hunk's deep but warm voice was filled with love and compassion, making everyone almost shed a tear––especially Emily, who felt really guilty.

It was no secret how fathers loved and showed their affection to their children. Although some tended to be quite strict, others were really affectionate in their love language. But as for Emily, her father had never once shown how he felt about her––not until now.

Hunk had transferred all his businesses from F Country to Jingshi City to stay with her and put up with her stubbornness. Because she wanted to take care of Jacob, both Hunk and Louis remained in the hospital with her to make sure she was safe. However, much like the mischievous daughter that she was, she could not return the favor to her father. She couldn't help but wonder if she had tried harder, could she have found Hunk earlier while she was still a member of the Tao Family?

Suddenly, a hot liquid rolled down her face, and Emily raised her head to fight back the tears. It was a good day to realize how blessed she was, even if her husband was lying memory-less on the hospital bed.

There still was a high chance he could recover, and even if he would never remember her, she still had high hopes. Besides, Emily still had her children,

rt is fine," the head doctor assured after he arrived to check Jacob's condition.

Luckily, his brain had no trace of damage. And what was more surprising was the fact that Emily, who knew nothing about medicine, had just pulled him back from death. She had tried so hard to save Jacob. When he was safe, she passed out on his chest like a deflated ball.

While the rest of them basked in awe and astonishment, Jacob opened his eyes and saw Emily's pale face.



"Mrs. Gu!"


All of them called out for Emily in unison the second she passed out. She would have dropped to the floor had she not been caught mid-way. The doctors, who were about to exit the room, were called back in to check on her condition.

Jacob's heart tightened as he watched Emily be carried onto the adjacent bed. A lump blocked his throat as he thought about how her lips had pressed against his just a while ago.

"She didn't have a heart attack. She just passed out because she hasn't recovered from her injuries and was in a sudden shock. Mrs. Gu just needs to rest, and she will be fine after a few days,"

One of the doctors informed and left right away. Hunk walked to Emily's bed, holding the two kids, and sighed.

A slight turn of his head was all it would take to see Emily's beautiful face with her small but pointed nose and those long and dark eyelashes. She seemed to be peacefully in slumber, but tears were hanging from her shut eyes. Jacob knew those tears were for him.

'Is she really my wife? Do we really have children together?' Questions flooded his mind, and Jacob could not deny the sadness and pain that were slowly growing on his chest as he stared at the lovely woman lying on the other bed.

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