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   Chapter 987 Hunk's Grandchildren

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Emily knew what David was concerned about. She also knew he couldn't really help her. She didn't want to tell Rita about it either. Of one thing she was sure: if Michelle crossed the line, she wouldn't let her off the hook just because she was Rita's sister.

Emily winced in agony. Life had been too much for her of late. She summoned all the energy she was left with, and then she replied hesitantly in a low voice, "I won't tell Rita about it, but if Michelle does anything that threatens my relationship with Jacob, I won't show her mercy."

"I understand..."

David knew the pain of losing a loved one, and he could do nothing but agree with Emily. He couldn't even forgive his own brother for taking his wife away. Naturally, he didn't expect Emily to be kind to Michelle just because she was Rita's sister. Betrayal didn't really leave room for kindness.

"I will go inside after she leaves. I am going to avoid any possible confrontation with her from now on. But she can't get in and out of the room whenever she feels like. I'm going to ask Sam to send someone to guard the door,"

Emily said firmly. Then, she turned her head toward the window. Through the glass, she could see Jacob's handsome face resting peacefully. For a second, everything looked okay. It hurt her terribly to think about the things people had done to him.

It had been a while since the doctor had injected him with a tranquilizer, but he was showing no signs of waking up. Emily was a bit worried, but she decided to give it more time. He was, after all, heavily sedated.

"I will keep a close eye on know, in case she does something stupid on impulse."

David didn't know Michelle very well. But one thing was clear: it was because of her that his wife had fallen into trouble over and over again. Because of that, he had developed a strong dislike for her. However, his hands were tied. She was Rita's blood sister and the only one Rita truly cared about from her family.

Emily nodded, then she became silent. Both of them didn't utter any words until eventually, Sam walked to them. He took a look at them briefly. Then he said, "Mr. Gu is still asleep. Should we put the plan into action?"

"Not yet. We should wait for Jacob to wake up,"

David answered with a frown. He had been super hung up with Rita's situation. The plan had completely

been through, no one could really blame her. Emily was worried about her mental health.

"Beryl... Honey, he is your real grandpa. He is Mummy's daddy. Don't be afraid. He loves you and Bowen just as much as Mummy does. If you don't talk to him, he will be really sad..."

It deeply hurt Emily to see Beryl acting in such a way. But she knew it was her responsibility to get her to open up again. Hunk may be the best person to help her heal.

"Okay..." Beryl was still stuck to the wall, unwilling to go anywhere close to Hunk. At the same time, she didn't want to disappoint her mother. She nodded her head lightly, held her brother's hand and walked toward Hunk slowly and cautiously.

Hunk had a smile on his face. His eyes were brimming with tears. The best thing that had happened to him now was finding Emily. He was so grateful to have found not just her, but also his two beautiful grandchildren. His emotions got a hold of him, completely overwhelming him. He didn't know how to express his happiness and excitement.

It had only taken Bowen a month to learn to walk straight. He walked to Hunk without faltering. Once he reached Hunk, he smiled and opened his little arms. In his small, adorable voice, he said, "Hug me..." The tenderness in his voice melted Hunk's heart further.

He passed his walking stick to a bodyguard who stood behind him, and he crouched a little. His shivering hands reached for Bowen and picked him up. Emily tried to stop him, but it was already too late. With a gleeful smile, Hunk said, "Well, here comes grandpa's hug..."

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