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   Chapter 986 Emily Confronted Michelle

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11637

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Seeing with her own eyes how awkward the situation was, Emily couldn't do anything. No matter how anxious she was for Jacob to remember everything they had been through, she knew she had to wait. She knew Jacob would go through living hell just to remember. The worst thing about it was that it would put his life at risk, and that was the last thing she wanted to see in this world.

"Relax! He will be fine. Just give him more time," David said firmly beside her.

At present, the only thing that worried David and Emily was Jacob's well-being. David firmly believed, now that Emily was back, that her presence would be a great factor in Jacob's speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, the doctor announced that Rita was in a stable condition now, even though she hadn't woken up yet. So, Emily didn't stay long with her because she was still worried about Jacob.

The moment Sam learned that Emily was back, he went to the hospital with Beryl and Bowen. In the hospital, Emily discussed with Louis that she needed to take care of Jacob. Though worried about her physical condition, Louis agreed. He knew that Emily would be on tenterhooks if he took her away with him. Before leaving the hospital, Louis gave his bodyguards instructions and left them to stay with Emily.

Before he left, he promised Emily he would come back as soon as he finished his business and help her. Overwhelmed by his concern, Emily tried to convince Louis that she could handle everything by herself, but Louis insisted.

Not long after Louis left, Sam arrived with Beryl and Bowen. The moment she set her eyes on her children, Emily couldn't explain how she felt. She also noted the changes in them. Both of them were taller than the last time she had seen them. And, Beryl looked slimmer. With tears in her eyes, Beryl looked at her mother. She had tons to say to her. With his little fingers in his mouth, Bowen just looked Emily up and down, trying to figure out who she was.

"Hey, my sweeties! It's Mommy!" Emily said excitedly, trying to control her own feelings.

Inside, she was also nervous. It had been a long time since they had seen each other. She extended her arms and reached out for Bowen, who hesitated for a few seconds before allowing Emily to take him in her arms.

"Mommy? You're Mommy…" little Bowen murmured.

And just with that acknowledgement, all the control Emily had suddenly disappeared. Tears fell uncontrollably down her cheeks.

"Mommy, we missed you so much! Where have you been?" Beryl looked up at her and shouted as she tugged at Emily's clothes.

Squatting down with Bowen in her arm, Emily wrapped her other arm around Beryl. She was too excited to say anything, and at the same time guilty for leaving them unintentionally.

Emily blamed herself for letting her dear daughter go through so many hardships at such a young age. She also felt sorry for herself for always leaving Bowen to be taken care of by a nanny. Because she did not spend more time with him, Bowen had not recognized her right away.

"Mommy, Mommy! At last, you're here! Did you already see Daddy? He's badly ill and can't remember us! I'm so scared!" Beryl said crying.

Overwhelmed by the same feeling of hopelessness, Emily closed her eyes and held her children tighter. Beryl's words were like a sword, stabbing her heart a thousand times, and the pain spread from her heart to all parts of her body. But this was not the time to be weak! She had to bite her tongue, set her jaw

have no right to decide what I should and should not do. I am a friend of Jacob. Since I've done big favors for you, as you said earlier, you better watch your attitude and show some respect!" With her arms crossed over her chest, Michelle gave Emily a hostile stare, unwilling to back down.

"Here you are, Michelle! Rita's woken up and wants to see you now." David's voice interrupted the tense atmosphere.

Without batting his eyelashes, David gazed at Michelle, commanding her with his look to leave the room. Before, he had been delighted when they had found Michelle. But now, she was getting on his nerves. He secretly wished that they had never found her.

The moment Rita woke up, he came to notify Emily right away. He believed that Emily would want to see Rita. But instead of surprising Emily, he was the one surprised! Surprised to find Michelle arguing with Emily. He thought Michelle had left to deal with the business. But realization hit him. He couldn't believe that Michelle had a crush on Jacob. He felt his temples throbbing, and he was sure that it would be followed by a terrible headache!

"Really? I'm going to her now!" Michelle shouted excitedly and left without any further ado.

At the same time, Emily's eyes also widened with delight. She was already on the move to Rita's ward but was stopped by David. "One second, Emily," he said hurriedly.

Looking confused, Emily stopped. Just by looking at David's expression, she realized what he wanted to say. Having been friends with him for a long time, Emily understood and knew his thoughts with just one glance.

"I heard Michelle, and I'm so sorry. But can you do me a favor? Please don't tell Rita about it now. She's still too weak to take it," David asked earnestly.

Asking that favor, David knew he had to do it. He knew that Rita would flare up the moment she learned that her younger sister was trying to put her foot in their best friends' marriage. She would never allow such a thing to happen and would move heaven and earth to stop Michelle. And David was scared to see it. Furthermore, Rita and Michelle had just met each other, and they were still in the getting-to-know-each-other stage. On top of everything that had happened, Rita had just escaped the jaws of death and couldn't afford to take such a hit now.

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