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   Chapter 985 Two Slaps

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Michelle's words were full of anger, which left David feeling a little odd. Michelle should have been looking forward to Emily's return, and perhaps even feeling a little guilty about what she had done. Why was she so angry?

Unlike David, Emily did not seem to be bothered by Michelle's hostility. But Louis looked very concerned. Michelle was a skilled agent, trained in the methods of inflicting harm and killing, and she was bitter about Emily's return. Louis felt that if he did not keep his guard up against her, she might do something terrible to Emily.

"In fact, Jacob had already anticipated Darren's attempt to acquire the Xu Group and the Bai Group. Jacob deliberately sold shares of the Bai Group to Darren. But we had pre-negotiated with the project contractors that once Darren defaulted, they were to come back to work with us. The employees from our company have also been personally trained by Jacob and me, so they were certain to quit too if we left the company. As soon as the core staff leaves, no matter how big an enterprise is, it will be paralyzed and will fold. In order to save the KING Group, Darren will have no option but to merge a lot of projects, then he'll have to pay a large amount of liquidation damages. That's the goal of this plan,"

David said truthfully. Had it not been for Jacob's early realization of Darren's plot, it was likely that the Xu Group and the Bai Group would have disappeared completely, and the KING Group would have become the biggest company in the city.

Now, Darren not only had to pay a large amount of liquidation damages, but he also had no capital left to make a comeback or implement any further schemes. Jacob's sly plan had successfully caught Darren off guard.

Hearing David's praise of Jacob's plan, Michelle was delighted and convinced that she had chosen the right man. Clearly, he was a remarkable man who would outperform and out-think any adversary.

"I also took this opportunity to find Rita. But when I went to look for Rita at the villa, the bedroom was covered with blood. I questioned some of the staff who were hiding in the villa, and they said that everyone had thought that Rita was Darren's wife, and that the baby in her stomach was Darren's. Even... Darren had even tried to force himself upon her… But she kept resisting and even attempted suicide several times... Darren didn't get what he wanted... This time, she couldn't help it..."

David started to cry uncontrollably as his face turned pale with guilt and s

n international operative, and this made David feel more uneasy, as he considered the implications which this had.

But no matter what kind of person Michelle was, or had become, she was still Rita's sister. He should wait until Rita had finally woken up before deciding what to do with Michelle.

"I'm sorry, I lost control!" Emily's voice sounded much softer, as she apologized contritely.

Hearing what David had said, Emily had realized that she was being disrespectful to her best friend's sister. This was not in Emily's nature, so she was quick to apologize.

David shook his head and asked, "Does Jacob know that you are back?" Compared with Michelle's unstable reactions, David was far more worried about Jacob's attitude towards Emily. He knew better than anyone how cold and ruthless Jacob could be. He dreaded the consequences of Jacob's memory loss on Emily.

"He does..." Emily nodded slightly, and her brows tightened as a touch of loss flashed across her bright eyes. Jacob could remember everyone and everything, but had no memories of her and the children, which undoubtedly hurt her deeply. It was as if her life with him and all that they had endured together and survived together had been wiped away, and he saw her as a stranger now.

"What are you going to do?"

David saw the unspeakable loss in Emily's eyes, but he didn't know how to help her. The only thing he could do was to help Jacob be responsible and take care of Emily and their two children.

Emily smiled lightly, and her pale lips curved up with a soft but firm smile. "I'll be by his side until his memory is restored. And I'll wait for him to fall in love with me, again!"

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