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   Chapter 984 Rita Was Found

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"Emily, how dare you? After being kidnapped for a month, you eventually returned with a stranger. He claims to be your brother. You have black eyes, but he has blue eyes. What evidence does he have to prove that you're his sister? Is he your lover?"

Michelle decided to look away as her attention lingered on Emily and Louis. She was simply smiling in sheer mockery.

This man looked like a foreigner. How could he in any way be Emily's brother?

Emily might have been able to fool Jacob, but she wasn't going to fall prey for that. Moreover, Jacob's attitude towards Emily just showed everything. He seemed to have forgotten her and did not care about Emily at all. In contrast, Jacob at least knew Michelle and still remembered that she had saved him.

"Michelle, don't lie so blatantly. He is my brother. He is just my brother. As far as our different eye colors are concerned, I don't believe that I owe you an explanation. Besides, I have to put up with you perpetually only because you saved Jacob and you are Rita's sister. Otherwise, do you think you would have had the authority or the audacity to talk to me here?"

Emily's eyes were like a lucid river that could penetrate Michelle's mind in a moment's notice and see through her dirty heart.

She knew what kind of a man Jacob was. He had simply forgotten her for a while. The last time she had forgotten him, he had accompanied her all the way until she remembered him again. It was he who had accompanied her and waited for her... So this time, Emily would have to wait for him until he remembered her all over again. Even if the worst scenario was that he couldn't gather any recollection of her, she would wait for him and make him fall in love with her yet again.


Michelle was too angry to say a word more, perhaps in fright of having crossed the limit, as she stared at Emily.

"Go away!"

There was still no significant anger visible on Louis's handsome and elegant face. His clear voice and clear blue eyes showed his cynical and unrestrained attitude towards what had just happened, but his ruthless and firm language made people shiver. Even if Michelle had a profound experience in dealing with various kinds of people, she still felt sheer fright arising from her heart. She was afraid to her ver

us her situation was at this point of time, which further hurt Emily.

As his eyes spotted Louis standing behind Emily, David asked in surprise, "Who is that?"

"It's my brother. I'll explain everything to you in the future. Let's talk about Rita first. She's the priority as of now,"

Emily replied honestly. She wasn't comfortable with everyone being curious and poking their noses into her affairs during this period of time. However, she could not explain everything unequivocally in a day or two. She wanted to find a suitable time and place to formally introduce Hunk and Louis to everyone that she knew and mattered to her.

Louis nodded in a friendly manner at David.

The latter also nodded his head. He looked at Louis cautiously, but only because he found Louis to be extraordinarily familiar to him. Louis also had a similar thought process going on in his head.

"Have we met earlier?"

"Perhaps you have seen me in some magazines." Louis smiled gleefully.

They were all businessmen, so it might be possible for them to have met each other somewhere. David nodded, but he had some lingering thoughts in his mind.

Having seen David and Emily talk like close friends, Michelle's jealousy multiplied astronomically. "How did you find my sister?"

Her cold voice suddenly disturbed the sanctity of the conversation the two were having, with venomous dissatisfaction emanating from her eyes and sullenness being depicted on her face. She was getting more and more uncomfortable seeing them together.

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