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   Chapter 983 Michelle Wants To Replace Emily

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"Miss Emily, Jacob is my friend, and I won't ask for anything in return to take care of him. But if you would insist otherwise, I think you're not the right person to return the favor. I'm taking care of Jacob, so he owes me," Michelle firmly uttered.

Her lips were pressed into a thin line as her dark eyes fixated on Jacob.

"By the way, Miss Emily, the doctor reminded us not to trigger his memories. So, it would be unwise to force him to remember the past. You know that he almost lost his own life because of that. And if you continue to stay here, your presence could provoke bits of his memories. Don't you want him to recover as soon as possible?" Michelle added, her right brow almost reaching the peak of its arc.

She was evidently jealous of Emily, who was Jacob's lawfully wedded wife. Even though the latter was back, Michelle still insisted on extending her stay at the hospital even though it was unwelcome.

"I am his wife," Emily started with a strong emphasis on the last word. Her eyes pierced through the smug look on Michelle's face before continuing, "Even if he has lost his memory, it doesn't change the fact that we're married. So, I will stay by his side to take care of him and wait until he remembers me. If time doesn't permit that, I will make him fall in love with me again."

Tears formed in her eyes, but she furrowed her brows, giving off the confidence and lawful arrogance that wives usually exuded when faced with such a situation. She raised her head to keep the tears from falling.

Jacob, who heard how firm and unyielding she was, felt like his heart was being bitten by thousands of bugs. A vague figure appeared in his mind from time to time, and although he was not sure whether it was Emily or not, he still felt she sounded like Emily.

Suddenly, a massive pang creaked his head, spontaneously sending his arms to their sides. He released a grunt loud enough to disturb the two women.



Emily and Michelle cried in unison and rushed to Jacob at the same time. They were indeed worried about him.

Compared to Emily and Michelle, Louis was much calmer and instead called a doctor, who skillfully injected Jacob with some tranquilizer. Turning around to them, he said, "I think I've warned you that any trigger, however small or big, could kill him. Fortunately, this time, he didn't rupture a blood vessel, or it could have been very fatal. We may not be that lucky to find a donor who is RH negative to give him blood again."

"Now, do you believe me?" Michelle mocked, turning her back to Emily, whose face was as white as

elieved that knowing her enemy would fight a hundred battles without losing a single one.

"Who do you think you are? I know you are a secret agent, and nothing is unique about you." Louis added, "If your elder sister knew about your crazy stunts, she would rather you were not her sister!"

Michelle's weakness was obviously her sister, Rita. She'd not dare fight over a man with her sister's best friend when her sister was still nowhere to be found. Michelle would definitely look ridiculously petty, not only to Rita but to everyone who knew her.

"How do you know what happened between my sister and me?" Michelle asked as she tried her best to hide how surprised she was. Louis apparently knew a lot about her, and that was not great on her part.

Even with her effort to hide her bewilderment, Louis was able to see through it. There was really no escaping from the man's sharp eyes. Twitching his lips, he scornfully replied, "It's none of your business! Emily is my sister, and if you're planning to hurt her, you better forget about it now or I'll make sure you pay for it."

His words really warmed the weak Emily, who was still holding onto the edge of the bed frame. It was calming to have someone, a family member, right beside her at this very moment, when everything seemed to be falling apart.

"You!" Michelle could only point her damn finger and glare at Louis, who still had that disdainful sneer plastered on his face.

However, Louis felt the least threatened by her outburst and instead mockingly continued, "What are you going to do, huh? Hire someone to kill me? Leave now! Don't make me ask my men to shove you out!" His voice thundered in the entire room as a frenzied Michelle slowly turned anxious.

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