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   Chapter 981 The Family Reunion

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"The two samples appear to follow the genetic laws. The possibility of them being parent and child is greater than 99.99%!"

An excited scream escaped Hunk's mouth as he gasped at the paper in his hand. Although he didn't understand any of the medical terms, he knew what the numbers implied. For many years, countless girls had pretended to be his daughter, but they had all failed the paternity test.

Hunk's hands were shaking uncontrollably. He was smiling and tears were falling from his eyes. But this time, they were happy ones.

Emily peeked at the last page in Hunk's hand out of the corner of her eye. Those few words on the paper gave her feelings of happiness as well. She felt like she could trust and rely on Hunk after spending just half a day with him.

All her life, she had never known her real family. In the deepest corners of her heart, she yearned for the love of a mother and a father. When she peeked at the results, Emily secretly hoped for her dream to come true.

"Yvonne... You are my Yvonne... You really are my Yvonne!"

Tears were falling out of Hunk's eyes without pause. He put the papers aside, stood up, and hugged Emily tightly with all his strength.

The last time he had held this girl was when she was just a baby. She deserved at least a few more hugs. It was a pity that the second hug had come about twenty years late, but it was better than nothing.

Emily didn't know how to express her feelings either. She wept without ceasing. Beads of tears crashed on the ground like tiny little pearls as she held Hunk in her arms.

Only Louis somehow managed to maintain his composure, but he was incredibly happy for the both of them. Hunk's dream of twenty years and his wife's long-cherished wish had finally come true.

Louis's deep blue eyes shined bright like stars, and he allowed a heart-warming smile on his face.

The father and daughter stayed in each other's arms for a while before they split apart. Louis stood there waiting patiently, cherishing this heartfelt moment. He walked up to them and said, "Finally our family is complete. Shouldn't we celebrate this occasion with a big dinner?"

His words lit up the room like firecrackers on a festival. Emily and Hunk couldn't refrain from smiling through the tears. However, Emily's smile suddenly froze. Just as the thought popped into her mind, her eyes displayed signs of perturbation.

A part of her was happy to finally be reunited with her long-lost father and brother. But another part of her wanted to go back to Jacob and her children. She didn't want to lose either of them.

"Yvonne, what

g he could do was to help Emily get through it.

Hunk's words warmed Emily's heart. Emily felt a twitch in her nose, as if she was about to weep.

Anything could have happened in the big fire. Emily agreed with Hunk silently, in her heart. She knew she would have to prepare herself for whatever the future had in store for her.

"Yvonne, promise me you are going to call us if you need help. I'm sure we will find a way to solve any problem together. You are not alone!"

A gentle breeze brushed Louis's face, ruffling his hair. He narrowed his blue eyes. His eyes looked like two shimmering droplets. The determination and affection they displayed made Emily nod her head.

Louis walked next to Emily and said, "Father, I will take Yvonne to see Jacob. Please wait for us at home. We will be back as soon as possible."

"All right then, my son!" Hunk said with a resolute nod of his head. He kept looking back at Emily as he walked out of the hospital with his guards.

As Emily watched Hunk inching out of the room, she felt her heart ache. Hunk was an old man, but she knew she still had time for him.

"Yvonne, let's go!"

Louis pulled Emily gently by her arm. They went down the building and got into Louis's car.

They both kept silent in the backseat the whole time. Emily couldn't stop thinking about Jacob and her children. She wasn't troubled by the silence, but Louis felt really awkward and uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jacob had slept peacefully for a couple of hours after a shot of sedative. When he finally woke up, his eyes opened to Michelle, who had been taking care of him and had fallen asleep on his bedside with her head on his covers. Needless to say, Jacob wasn't thrilled about it.

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