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   Chapter 979 My Name Is Emily

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Sam knelt to hold Beryl in his arms and enveloped her with a warm embrace. She seemed distracted and distraught, so he thought a little comfort might help the poor girl. "Beryl, Mr. Gu is going to be fine. He is going to remember you and your mother. Believe me, your father is a strong man."

"Uncle Sam... Daddy doesn't want me anymore... He doesn't want me anymore..." Beryl was initially just sobbing softly when she suddenly busted into tears, coupling it with a loud cry. As her tears aggressively fell down her pink cheeks, she laid her head on Sam's shoulder, but kept her eyes fixed on Jacob.

It completely puzzled Beryl why her father could not remember her. Perhaps, it was because he did not love and care for her anymore that losing a daughter was not a big deal to him.

"The patient is very unstable. It would be better if you avoid mentioning his past as it might worsen his condition and cause hemorrhage. Please listen to me if you don't want his life to be in danger!"

"Thank you, doctor! We understand," said Michelle politely, appreciating the doctor's kind reminder.

She threw a perplexed glance at Jacob, who was in his deep slumber. Then, she turned to Sam before saying, "You heard the doctor. Since Jacob has forgotten about Beryl, it'll be better if she does not show herself for now. You know she's young and naive. That girl might mention something from the past, and we don't want that to happen."

"Okay," Sam replied shortly. He was frowning unpleasantly and it was evident that he did not fully agree with Michelle.

The first time he had heard about Michelle was from Rita, who had been searching for the former. And the first time he had ever seen her was in the hospital. For some unknown reason, Sam immediately knew he wouldn't like her.

However, she was Rita's younger sister and Jacob's friend. As one of Jacob's employees, he was in no position to say anything.

Michelle glanced at Beryl and said rationally, "I will take care of him for the meantime. As for Beryl, I'm not sure how to go about it. I don't have the time and energy to look after her.

Once Jacob wakes up, Darren will definitely know about it. If he finds out he's awake, he will probably try to kill him again."

"Don't worry about it. I will take care of Beryl!" Sam replied, knowing what she was trying to do.

Standing in the corner, Dylan stared at Beryl, who was resting in Sam's arms. After hearing what Michelle said, his dark eyes l

sant smell, which was completely different from Jacob's, had assailed her sense of smell and made her feel calm and comfortable.

"Who... who are you?" Emily asked, completely puzzled.

Gradually, she opened her eyes and met Louis's own blue pair. She quickly struggled out of his arms and held her shoulders, staring vigilantly at him.

"Hmm...I don't know what to tell you. Let me see... I was adopted by your father. I am a year older than you, so I am your older brother. My name is Louis, and you, Yvonne, are my sister. And yes, your real name is Yvonne."

Her sudden question caught Louis by surprise. Because he didn't know what to say, he looked like an eighteen-year-old boy who was trying really hard to introduce himself to a girl he liked.

However, he was not that teen anymore, and Emily was not the girl he liked.

"My name is Emily! Not Yvonne! E as in Echo, M as in Mike, I as in India, L as in Lima, and Y as in Yankee––EMILY!" After what had happened with Sean and Seamus, Emily had been cautious around strangers. She had learned her lesson hard, and even with Louis, who was trying to keep his distance, she still felt really unsafe.

"All right! Your name is Emily!" he echoed, seeing how nervous and shocked she was around him. After she calmed down a little, he quickly drew her attention to other things and said, "You passed out in a fire, while you had several degrees of burns all over your body. You probably already saw the gauze on your wounds, but you don't have to be worried. Father and I have found the best doctors for you. They will try to heal your skin and make sure to not leave a single scar."

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