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   Chapter 978 Jacob Couldn’t Recognize His Family

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It was only then that Michelle realized that Jacob had indeed woken up from a coma. For a moment, she didn't know where to rest her hands and feet.

"How are you feeling now? Let me go and inform the doctors," she muttered before hastily rushing out of the ICU, leaving both Jacob and Sam in the room as they stared at each other in a moment of confusion.

"You can go now. Tell David that… Oh, has he found Rita already?" Jacob asked as he raised his eyebrows into a perfect furrow. His speech began trailing as though he was strenuously trying to recall something.

It was unusual that he could recognize everyone except his wife and kids. As far as he was concerned, he had neither met Emily nor had he married her. Their kids also remained non-existent in his memory. Their place in his life was just a giant vacuum in his mind.

Sam sighed and shook his head in astonishment. He struggled to find an appropriate introduction to explain to Jacob that he had married Emily and she had given birth to two adorable kids. There was always a possibility that he could find it to be extremely difficult to process all of a sudden. However, Beryl was right here in the same hospital and she would definitely come here to visit her father as soon as she was made aware that he had woken up from his coma.

On the other hand, his younger son, Bowen, was staying at his house in Tyrone Mansion right now. As soon as Jacob got discharged from the hospital, he would figure out that his house was now being occupied by three others. There were specific rooms allotted for the kids. Moreover, Emily's stuff could be seen lying around everywhere. Even if he couldn't remember any of these things, the fact remained that he still had a family. Sam felt as if his head was going to burst open at this moment.

"Daddy? Daddy!" Beryl's abrupt and sweet voice reached the ears of both Sam and Jacob even before she entered the room. Sam's heart momentarily sank. It was too late for him to attempt any type of damage control.

She barged into the room and ran toward the bed where her father was lying. Her face was filled with joy and delight. She had come to see her father the moment she had learned that he had woken up from his coma.

It was the happiest day in recent times for her, as life had gotten particularly hard for her to live. Her mother was missing and her father had been badly burnt and fallen into a coma while he was searching for her mother.

"Daddy? Are you kidding me?" Jacob asked as he looked at Beryl and his facial expression seemed to badly demand answers. Sam could detect the annoyance and impatience in his voice.

Jacob had no intention of socializing with this little girl in front of him. He had thought of a to-do list in his head a moment ago and now he was contemplating how to deal with Darren.

"Daddy, it's me. I'm Beryl. How can you forget me?" Beryl stopped abruptly upon Jacob's reaction and slowly sank herself into the horror of the moment.

She ran her eyes over her father from head to toe hesitantly. Tears welled up in her eyes. She had been told that her dear daddy was badly ill the other day and had been sleeping all the time. But no one had informed her about the head injury her father had suffered and the memory loss associated with it.

Dylan entered the room soon after Beryl. He stopped right beside Beryl and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. He patted her lightly on her back an

ad occurred between them if he indeed could make that choice.

"It's hard to tell. The brain is the most important organ in the human body. A craniotomy operation involves a high risk value on the patient's life. It all depends on the personal desire and effort the patient can offer. He may remember everything tomorrow or it may take an entire lifetime for him to regain his lost memory. I cannot make any promises as we speak. Let us all be patient and pray for his full recovery," the doctor stated calmly.

"Doctor, I have a question. Apart from that, is there any other problem?" Michelle chipped in before the doctor prepared to leave. She wasn't particularly concerned regarding Jacob being able to remember Emily or not, but she wanted him to be safe, sound and healthy.

"As far as our assessment is concerned, all the signs are positive. We completed a thorough round of checkup just before I came out. He is fine and recovering rapidly. Despite that, we haven't yet been able to determine the specific cause of his partial loss of memory which we refer to as intermittent amnesia," the doctor said with brutal honesty.

In most cases of patients with intermittent amnesia where they'd lost a part of their memory, they were found to have suffered a blood clot in the brain. Whereas in Jacob's case, the doctors were sure that Jacob had not suffered any. Hence, the doctor couldn't find an accurate reason for the tragedy. He suspected that it was caused by psychological reasons. Maybe further psychological guidance would help him. All they could do was to wait patiently.

Beryl had comprehended each and every word of what the doctor had just said. She learned that her father hadn't only forgotten her, but also her mother and her little brother. To make matters worse, it had occurred due to a reason that even the doctors couldn't figure out.

She sobbed silently as her head rested on Sam's shoulder. She turned to look at her father from across the glass window, but it was all blurry because of her teary eyes.

She screamed in her heart as to why she and her family had to go through this disaster. She prayed that her father would recover as soon as possible. She had no other option but to hope and pray for her father's quick recovery. Her life depended on it.

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