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   Chapter 977 I Have Neither Wife Nor Children

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9270

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"Yes, Mr. Xu!" they said with one voice and then swiftly left the CEO's office.

Bang! Darren hit the desk with a clenched fist, sending papers scattering to the floor. Startled by his anger, Dina subconsciously took a step back and couldn't help trembling. In the eyes of this tall and slender woman, Darren had become a bloodthirsty demon at this moment. Not knowing what to do, she was seized by nervousness, and she looked in fear at the man in front of her. She thought for the hundredth time that she really didn't know him at all.

Uncertain, Dina tried to move away from Darren. She dared neither to leave nor to approach him to comfort him. She had to remain silent and wait until he had fully vented his anger. At least he wasn't venting it on her, as he had often done in the past.

Darren glanced at a brochure of the company on his desk. At this moment, it was an eyesore to him and he flicked it off onto the floor.

'KING Group should be called LOSER Group, ' he thought miserably.

Jacob's drastic measures had made Darren a target of public criticism. At first, the Bai Group and the Xu Group had both been well-known mega companies in Jingshi City, with a lot of projects to their name. Since the Bai Group had been bought by Darren, he had been in charge of all its projects, though its employees were still allowed to work in the original company.

So, once the company got into trouble, the employees had naturally come to Darren to ask for an explanation.

Darren had built a brilliant career before. But now, he was in a difficult position. He had never thought that his assistant would suddenly bring him such bad news, and completely without warning, too.

"Where did you get the last few bits of the Bai Group?"

Darren asked Dina in a cold voice. There was a hint of arrogance on his thin lips, and an uncanny evil dwelt in his deep eyes. Seeing those dark eyes flashing with unusual cruelty, Dina couldn't help stepping back as her stomach turned. It was not until she moved near the wall that she looked at Darren nervously and replied in a choked voice, "It was several of my former clients who had come to me and wanted to sell those shares to me... They said that they didn't want the boss of their company to be a controversial woman..."

Dina's every word made Darren angrier. He stared at her with his bloodshot eyes, and they were filled with overwhelming coldness. Dina felt a chill run down her back.


Darren cursed in a terrible rage while violently hitting the desk with his clenched fist. The back of his hands were covered with bulging blue veins that stood out from his pale flesh. In an instant, a chill came over Dina, as she stood there stunned and trembling.

There was no doubt that the people who

ightened Sam.

However, Sam was surprised and confused, too. 'The person Mr. Gu cares about most is Mrs. Gu. But now, he doesn't even remember that he has a wife! Has he lost his memory?' he wondered as an edge of panic began to sour his hopes.

"Mr. Gu, do you remember that you have two children?" Sam asked tentatively. Since Jacob had just survived a surgery, Sam was afraid that if he said anything, Jacob might be hurt and upset.

Jacob's face grew darker, as if he was trying to suppress his anger. With his thin lips slightly opened, he spoke a few words in a cold tone, "I have neither wife nor children. I only have my business empire!"

In his memory, he had only recently retaliated successfully against his adoptive father and created a much larger business empire, but it had been taken away by Darren. So, he wanted to get back what belonged to him. In his eyes, Darren was a ruthless demon. He was determined to make Darren pay for his overconfidence.

Sam wisely didn't press Jacob for more information. He just stared into his eyes. "Mr. Gu, what should we do next?"

Since Jacob had likely lost his memory, Sam decided to secretly ask his men to go look for Emily without telling Jacob about it. He was afraid that Jacob would lose his temper again if he were kept in the loop.

"Give all the information to the media, and increase the pressure on Darren. Make sure that you are in a position to take back what belongs to me as soon as possible!" Jacob replied firmly. There was a sullen look on his face, and a murderous gleam in his feverish eyes.

Suddenly, Jacob raised his hand to remove the ventilator from his face. Then, he sat up straight while Sam and Michelle looked at him in surprise.

Michelle, who had been keeping an eye on them, immediately rushed in and shouted at Sam, "What did you do to him?"

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