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   Chapter 976 Jacob's Plan

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Ten days passed. Jacob still wasn't showing any signs of waking up. However, there was a big piece of news in the KING Group.

Darren's assistant rushed into Darren's office with a folder in her hand. "Mr. Xu, sorry to bother you. There is an emergency!"

He was unprepared for the scene in front of him. Darren was in his chair as usual, but sitting on his lap and straddling him was Dina, who was wearing a dark red, figure-hugging dress that had been pulled off her shoulders, revealing her chest. Her beautiful arms were around Darren's neck, and there were a few hickeys on her neck and her bosom. Taking in the sight before him, the assistant realized that he had recklessly interrupted an intimate moment.

He was so embarrassed that he didn't dare to look at Darren and Dina. Instead, he kept his head low and fixed his eyes on his shoes.

Even though Dina was a two-bit star now, she was still Darren's woman. He was afraid that even stealing a glance at her would cost him his eyes.

Darren slowly raised his head. Contemptuously casting a glare at his assistant, he took a drag of the lit cigar in his hand. However, he didn't utter a word.

Dina took her time to adjust her hair and her dress. Then, she jumped off Darren's lap and said unpleasantly, "What is so important that you have to be so reckless? Did you forget the rules and regulations I made?"

The assistant bowed tremulously as he explained, "I am so sorry, Miss Dina. This is really important. I was too panicked to remember those rules and regulations. I am so sorry." As he spoke, he held out the folder in front of him.

"What is it?" Dina asked. She took a look at Darren. Seeing his expressionless face, she assumed that he wasn't mad and didn't care about the interruption. Smiling contemptuously, she sneered, "All the businesses in Jingshi City are in Darren's hands now. How important could it be? Don't tell me that the unconscious Jacob is causing us trouble."

Out of the corner of his eye, the assistant noticed that Dina had fixed her dress, and he finally dared to look up. He looked from Dina to Darren before replying, "Mr. Xu, all the employees who were working for the Bai Group quit together this morning. Now, our company can't operate. Please tell us what to do!"

'Quit together? Interesting, ' thought Darren.

The arrogant look on his face vanished. However, his dark gloomy eyes were still cold and sh

loyees on the same day. This was a big problem not only for the two industries that the companies were a part of but also for the KING Group.

The KING Group no longer had the glamor it had once had. It had become an empty shell of a company in just one day.

"Transfer all the projects to the headquarters immediately. Drop any projects that have a lack of money. Schedule appointments with all of our partners. Try to talk to them and cut down our loss," said Darren.

The expression on his face was getting scary to look at. His eyes had darkened and his voice sounded extremely cold. Everyone in the room could feel the rage behind his words.

The way he was looking at them made them feel like he was holding a poisoned sword to their neck. They all were horrified by him and couldn't utter a word.

It seemed that Jacob and David had known about Darren's plan and prepared well for it.

Even though Darren had taken their companies, he had earned nothing. All the money he had paid for breaching those contracts was going to put him in the depth of despair.

Although Dina didn't know much about managing a business, she realized how serious this was. Her face turned pale and her body started to tremble.

If Darren lost his power and influence, she was going to be in a tough spot. She had just earned herself a place in showbiz again. She wasn't willing to lose it right now.

Seeing his assistants standing rooted to the spot, Darren shouted, "Do as I said right now!"

He glared at his assistants, who felt his rage right away. Their bodies started to shake uncontrollably in fear.

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