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   Chapter 975 A Thread To Find The Donor

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10401

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Michelle lowered her head and furrowed her eyebrows. She swiftly thought about what the young nurse had said and realized that the nurse might have spotted the mysterious donor, but being prohibited by the hospital's rules, the nurse was reluctant to tell her. Michelle rolled her eyes in desperation and then came up with an idea.

Although she didn't want to get the nurse into serious trouble, Jacob's life was much more important, and she had to do something. She then leaned closer to the nurse and whispered threateningly into her ear, "You know what? The patient inside is such a big shot that even the president of your hospital has to show him enormous respect. You'd better tell me everything you saw or heard. It's not something you can hide when the patient's life is in danger due to the lack of a blood donor."

Fortunately, the nurse was too young to figure out whether Michelle was telling the truth or not. She gave up protesting the moment Michelle mentioned the president of the hospital. She looked at Michelle with terrified eyes, and then opened her mouth to speak, but she stopped on second thought.

"Look, the donor has saved the life of my friend. I'm very grateful and won't seek to harm him by any means. I just want to make sure that my friend's need is guaranteed at all times as necessary. If his condition takes a turn for the worse, he might need blood again. It concerns a man's life!" Michelle tried further to talk her around. She deliberately lowered and softened her voice to gain the nurse's sympathy.

The nurse nodded slightly at her and finally put all her hesitations aside. She then said in a small voice that only Michelle and she could hear, "I can tell you all I know, but it's just between us. I'll lose my job if my supervisors find out about this. You need to promise me."

"Absolutely. I promise. You can trust me." Michelle nodded her head firmly at the nurse, and her clear blue eyes were glistering with excitement as she saw that the nurse was about to spill the beans.

"The donor is a young man about your age. He looked like a foreigner, but had a pair of black eyes. Good looking, but I felt there was something wrong with him. It was weird!" the nurse recalled, trying to remember every detail she could.

The scene was so vivid in the nurse's mind, as if it had just taken place. The donor had been wearing a vague and indistinct smile during the blood collecting procedure. His black eyes and his foreign looks had impressed the nurse deeply. It must have been the sharp contrast that had left the nurse with such a weird feeling.

Michelle tried to mentally recreate a picture of the male donor with the black eyes and foreign look.

It was quite common in other countries to meet men with those features, and it was not strange there at all.

"Many people of mixed-blood have black eyes. Can you describe why you felt he was weird?" Michelle persisted, feeling that the nurse might have seen something which made her find this man so strange.

The nurse furrowed her brows in deep thought as she looked around for something to jog her

llowed her. "Did you find anything?"

"Yup! Something that may help us to find the donor," Michelle replied calmly.

She stopped at the trash can containing medical waste, found a pair of latex gloves, and put them on before searching for the bag.

"Are you thinking that it belonged to the donor?" David asked from behind her, still puzzled.

"Yes, I am. Take it and test the DNA. Send the results to me as soon as possible. I'm going to compare it with all the data at my disposal." Michelle picked up a bag with her hand and wrapped it in a piece of tissue before handing it to David.

She then added, "Maybe the donor has already thought about this before us. Please, be careful. Keep a guard on it, to prevent it from being swapped out. This is the only lead that we've got at this point."

"I know. I will keep my eyes wide open!" David took it with great care. He then turned to look at Jacob through the glass window one more time before saying to Michelle, "I'm going to test it right now. Please, take care of things here. Thank you."

Michelle was the only person that he could rely on to keep Jacob and the kids safe at this moment. David cast a grateful glance at her before turning away.

"Just go. Everything will be fine. And I'll always be right here for him," she replied calmly, though there was a slight catch in her throat.

Her expression had become gentle and petite, like a little woman as she spoke. Her eyes had never left Jacob while she was speaking.

However, David was too preoccupied to notice this abnormal softness in her disposition. He nodded at her and left the hospital in a rush.

The room became dead silent again. It was so quiet that Michelle could hear her own heart beating. She gazed at the pale, but still handsome face of Jacob without batting an eye. She knew that Jacob had taken a special position in her heart, even though she herself couldn't tell what it was or why it had happened. She was also surprised to discover that she had been willing to risk her own life to rescue him from the fire, twice!

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