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   Chapter 974 A Mysterious Volunteer

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9006

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Emily had suffered a lot. Many people had hurt her. Her heart was so broken that she didn't even want to get off the bed anymore. This was why Louis thought of taking her back to her hometown for a few days.

"Louis, are you... Are you seriously willing to take her back to her country?"

Hunk asked Louis with trembling hands. He knew that that decision could cost him a lot. Louis was Hunk's adopted son. He was born and raised in F country. Once they left for Z Country, they would never come back, and Louis would have to adapt to a completely new lifestyle. Hunk was afraid he would regret this decision in the future.

"Yes, Father. In fact, I know you and Mother wanted to go back to Z Country in the past as well but stayed here because of me." With determination in his blue eyes, he added, "Father, where there is family, there is home. I'm sure Yvonne also thinks the same. She is unwilling to wake up because she's waiting for the ones who can wake her up! Those people are no one but her husband and her kids."

When he was a child, Louis had believed love was divine. The love Hunk and his wife shared before she had passed away was an example for him. Jacob loved Emily. If Emily died, he wouldn't be able to bear life all alone.

Louis hadn't had one great love in his life yet, but he believed that one day, he would meet the girl that he would love with all his heart.

"You are right, son. I know the pain of living away from your loved ones. We should go to Z Country!" said Hunk, his old voice excited and his turbid eyes filled with tears.

He'd been dreaming of going back to his hometown for so many years, but had compromised his wish for Louis's sake.

"I have already taken care of all the paperwork and formalities. You don't have to worry about the company affairs. I've handled it. We can leave any time you want,"

said Louis to his father, smiling brightly. His blue eyes were bright and clear, innocent like a child's.

It was a really nice surprise for Hunk. He couldn't help but turn teary-eyed and smile at Louis heartily.

In Jingshi City, Jacob lay on the hospital bed, still unconscious. His condition wasn't really stable. Everyone was really worried about him, especially Michelle. She sat by him day and night, praying for his health.

She was wiping his face when the alarm monitoring his vitals suddenly went off. Soon, a doctor and nurse rushed into the ward.

"Intracranial hemorrhage. Emergency measures, now!" the doctor shouted.

Michelle stood there, struck with panic and astonishment. In front of her eyes, Jacob was wheeled into the emergency room. It was the third time he was being taken to that room since the day he'

inue to look for more volunteers. The patient's condition is very critical. We must be prepared for the worst. He can have another intracranial hemorrhage. If he does, we won't have enough blood to save him this time. We have a small window of time before he lapses again, so we must not miss this chance and collect as much blood as possible."

"All right, doctor. How is he now? Can I take a look at him?" David asked as he looked at the emergency room behind him. While he was glad that Jacob was stable for now, he was worried about the possible hemorrhages and the blood they needed.

"The patient has been moved to the ICU. It wouldn't be advisable for you to enter his room right now."

With a sad, sulky expression, Michelle followed David into the waiting area. Her head was filled with ways of how she could find the volunteer. Just then, she spotted the nurse who had taken the blood to the emergency room standing with some doctors. After the doctors were gone, she decided to confront her.

There was a hint of nervousness in the nurse's expression. She looked at Michelle's grim face and cold eyes with astonishment, stepping back as if she was scared of her.

"You... What are you going to do?" she asked with her quavering voice, unsure of what Michelle was up to do.

Michelle realized she'd scared the nurse. She instantly apologized to her and stepped back. "All I want is to know if you could give us some information about the volunteer. We would like to reward him. Don't worry, I just want to express my gratitude and thank him."

The nurse heaved a sigh of relief. She put her hand on her chest, exhaling loudly. "Oh, my god. You scared me! If the volunteer wishes to be unnamed, it is our duty to protect his identity. I am sorry I can't help you with this."

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