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   Chapter 973 Transferred Back To The Country

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6560

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Squatting down, David pinned Beryl's disheveled hair to the back of her ears. Then, he hugged her and comforted her. Softly, he said, "Beryl, Dad is alright. He is just asleep. He'll soon wake up and stay with Beryl..." And, find Mommy...

Not saying anything anymore, David kept the last sad thought to himself. He couldn't bear to say it to Beryl anymore.

"I know Dad will wake up, and he will take me with him to find Mommy!" Soft but strong was the voice of Beryl, comforting herself as well as David.

Standing in the distance, Dylan stared at Beryl. His eyes were also filled with sorrow. He had also heard the conversation between Michelle and David. Although he was only older than Beryl by a couple of years, he understood how Beryl felt. Just like her, his mom had gone missing and might not be able to return.

The feeling of sadness could also be sensed along the dark hospital corridors.

Meanwhile, in F Country...

The DNA test report of Emily and Hunk was released in less than half a day. Louis confirmed that Emily was his adoptive parents' daughter who had been lost for many years.

After knowing the truth, Hunk moved into Louis's private estate and stayed next to Emily every day, waiting for her to wake up. He gradually learned all her past from Louis's investigation, including what the Tao and Lu families had done to her. But Louis hadn't found a chance to tell Hunk about her adoptive family.

"Father, let me do it!" Every day, Hunk wiped Emily's face. Today, Louis happened upon Hank's routine and offered to take over for the meantime.

"Have you taken care of the group's business matters?"

Raising his head, Hunk looked at the handsome man next to him. If the most regrettable thing he had done was losing Emily, then the best thing he had done was adopting Louis.

He had spent half his life looking for her and spent the other half loving him. Although there was no blood relation between Louis and him, their

ho rushed into the fire to save her was her husband. As far as I know, his company was in big trouble. He started looking for Yvonne and then even sold his whole company. And now, it has been turned over to a new administration."

Pausing for a second, Louis looked at Emily.

Emily's life with Jacob was very happy. But lately, they had suffered many setbacks and hardships. Now, Jacob was in some hospital, and no one knew if he was still alive.

"What are you talking about?" With wide eyes, Hunk asked. He was shocked at first, but then felt a sense of relief.

A man who could give up all his fortune, fame and power for his wife was a man whom the wife could trust for the rest of her life.

"Father, don't you have any plans to transfer all your business back to the country? Let's go back to the country with Yvonne, where her children and her husband are. Maybe, if she is back in her familiar environment, she will wake up sooner."

Louis gazed at Emily with his blue eyes. He stared at her with tenderness.

Ever since he'd become a part of Hunk's family, Emily haunted his life. Her voice and smile were carved in his heart. Her imagined appearance was engraved in his mind.

Finally seeing the sister who matched his fantasy, Louis wanted to take care of her as much as possible.

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