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   Chapter 972 Found Out The Poisoner

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7931

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It wasn't the first time Darren had done something like that. Michelle couldn't think of anyone besides him who could be behind all that had happened. The setting of the fire to the house, poisoning Jacob in the ward—everything reeked of him.

Moreover, it wasn't just a wild guess. She had other reasons to suspect him. It was Darren who had deceived her, almost making her kill her own sister. She didn't trust him at all after all that he had done.

David felt miserable when Michelle announced it was Darren, his brother, who was the evil backstage manipulator of this shit show. With some difficulty, all the affection he felt for him disappeared. Hatred spread in his heart wildly.

He had still not taken revenge on him for abducting his wife and attempting to murder his son. And now, his best buddy had fallen prey to his brother as well. It was high time. He had to avenge his loved ones, even if it meant going against his own blood.

"Is there still no information about my sister?" Michelle asked in a low tone after several seconds of silence.

She had put all her energy on Jacob and his daughter these past days. Whatever she had heard about her sister was from David's accidental mentioning. But since so many days had passed, she thought they'd have gotten some information about her whereabouts.

David lowered his eyes and shook his head. "Darren has hidden them. We haven't been able to find any traces so far..."

That was the truth. He himself had already looked into all the places Darren could show up at, and even those he never visited. There was no trace of Rita. It was as if she'd disappeared into thin air. He understood Michelle's pain, but really had no base to console her.

"I will find my sister," she said. 'And take good care of Jacob, ' she thought, worried sick about his condition. She had never anticipated that she and the people she loved would fall into such a mess.

She remained quiet as she turned her eyes to Jacob. In a comatose stage, he lay still on the bed, still in the ICU.

David eyed her sadly, unable to imagine what she might be going through. Breaking his chain of thoughts, his phone rang.

He was about to say something to Michelle when he heard it. A glimmer of joy surfaced in his eyes as he saw the number on the screen.

"Did you find something?" David picked up the phone and walked past

ichelle's guard. And secondly, she knew only of a few people who could do that job without a trace.

Even RT Organization barely had any members who could carry out the task so neatly and escape Michelle's notice. This is why she had been suspicious of Agni, but due to her relationship with him, she had been unwilling to accept it.

Besides, she had no evidence. Agni was her master, so part of her wanted to believe he hadn't done it.

"Michelle, you..." David wanted to ask her if she was okay, but she was so broken that she walked away instantly and returned to the ICU like nothing had happened. She sat by Jacob silently, staring at his almost serene face.

David followed her inside. He knew she was merely pretending to be calm, and could feel the sadness come off her waves. He knew how betrayal felt. It was as if someone stabbed you in the chest while you spread your arms to hug them.

The ache would spread all over your body, running through your veins. Breathing would become difficult as the thoughts suffocated you. How could they do it? How did it happen to you?

Before David could return to his seat, he heard a naive, small voice behind him. "Uncle David, why is Daddy's head wrapped with a white cloth? What's happened to him? Is it something bad?"

Beryl stood with tears in her eyes, trying to suppress all the worry and fear she felt regarding her father.

'Why does Daddy seem sicker than before?' She could sense the difference with which he lay on the bed. This time, she could perceive that her father's condition was much more severe.

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