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   Chapter 971 Jacob Escaped From Death

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11020

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What had happened in the past vividly replayed in the old man's mind like a movie, bringing tears to his eyes. He closed his eyes and sadly shook his head, trying to dispel the fluctuation of his emotions.

"Your mother and Mrs. Bess are fraternal twin. And they gave birth to babies on the same day. Unexpectedly, the doctor told us our daughter died. Your mother and I used to take it for granted that Emily was a descendant of the Tao Family, but it proved that we had been mistaken later." the old man paused here and sighed deeply.

"I have no idea why later Emily grew up in the Bai Family. What I am certain of is that she is our kid, because according to your mother, there is a scar on Emily's shoulder."

The old man stopped talking. He took the photo frame on the table and touched the face of the woman in the photo. She looked exactly like Emily.

"Truth be told, she has indeed got a scar on her left shoulder, Father." Louis said and nodded his head.

It was he who had rescued Emily from the fire. If he had come even a little later, she would have been burned to death in that small village.

He had then taken her to a private hospital as soon as possible. The doctors had rushed her into the emergency room where she had received the best care. He had asked the doctors to check if there was a scar on her left shoulder when they got a chance, and later they had confirmed his suspicion. When the operation was over, he had come to check it himself, and it indeed looked like it had been made by a gunshot.

"Later, your mother and I went to the place where the children's bodies were supposed to have fallen many times. You might even remember it. But we had never gotten any news about her. She just disappeared, whether alive or dead. People said that she might have ended up in the stomachs of fishes, but we refused to believe it, and kept on looking for her all these years. Your mother was too obsessed with finding her and fell sick because of it. She even murmured your sister's name as she was passing away. It left a permanent scar on her heart…"

The old man's eyes were filled with tears, and it was impossible for him to speak more, as he was overwhelmed by the sorrow of losing his wife, and the intense longing for his daughter for so many years.

Louis hurriedly wrapped his arm around his father's shoulders and patted his back lightly to calm him down. "It's okay, Father. She is back and she will be all right. She will live a happy and peaceful life from now on, I promise."

"Yes, my Yvonne will live in peace. I've never doubted that!" the old man said with an assured smile, and he continued to touch the photo frame as if he was making a promise to his dead wife.

Louis also smiled and relaxed when he saw his father's reaction. He looked through the large window at the sky outside and heaved a deep sigh of relief.

On the other side, things were more tense in Jingshi City.

"His blood pressure is dropping abruptly! He's having cardiac arrest! CPR please!"

The operating room was a clutter. It was now several days after Jacob had been rescued, but instead of waking up, he was getting worse. David was too occupied with finding Rita and with the business of reclaiming his company. He had only visited Jacob occasionally over t

t. Both of them had no idea how long it had been before the door finally opened from inside. They hastily ran to the doctor with their hearts suspended, expectantly inquiring about how Jacob was doing.

"The operation is progressing very well, but we still can't tell when he will wake up. The patient needs hemodialysis to purify his blood, but we still don't know what impact it will have on him. That is all I can say," the doctor reported.

"Okay. Thank you for your effort!" David nodded his head repeatedly. It was so good to hear that Jacob was still hanging in there, and might make it.

Michelle listened silently, but she was as much of a mess as David was. Her forehead was covered with giant beads of sweat, while she rubbed her hands non-stop. Inwardly, she thanked God for his kindness in giving Jacob back.

"The patient will be transferred to the ICU now. Please, take care of the security yourself," the doctor reminded them. Since Jacob had been poisoned, they didn't want something unexpected happening in the hospital.

"We will. Thank you for your kind suggestion," David said wholeheartedly.

He watched the doctor going inside, and later escorted the doctors and nurses taking Jacob to the ICU. After a discussion with the doctors, Jacob was moved to a special unit, which was different from the one where Beryl and Dylan had stayed. It was more secure there and it would be harder for strangers to get close to Jacob.

Michelle and David stood outside the glass window of the ICU and looked inside at Jacob, who was lying immobile on the bed. His head was wrapped with bandages, and his face was as pale as the white wall behind him. He looked like a dummy, and if not for the slight movement of his nostrils, people might have thought that he had died.

"Who do you think poisoned him?" David asked after a long silence. He had already guessed who might have done it, but was reluctant to mention the name himself.

"Who did it doesn't matter. I think you should rather pay more attention to your dear brother, because it must have been Darren who gave the order!" Michelle replied coldly. She then looked into David's eyes meaningfully and raised her chin.

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