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   Chapter 970 Emily's Real Parents

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6826

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In F Country

The magnificent private castle embodied romantic and noble sensitivities with its lofty architecture and classical gardens, and emanated a sense of honor and luxury.

A man in a black tuxedo walked slowly towards the room with a cup of tea in his hand. He gently pushed open the door. Inside was a woman with long dark hair and snowy white skin.

Her eyes were closed and she lay quietly on the bed, like an inanimate doll. The man gently closed the door behind him, and when he looked at the woman, there was an almost imperceptible blue under his dark eyes, which were as deep as spring water.

He walked over to the bed and gently fed Emily the medicinal tea from the cup until it was emptied out. Then he stared at Emily lovingly.

The willowy eyebrows, cherry-like lips, and the small but pointed nose so exactly resembled the woman in his father's private photos.

"Sir, Mr. Ke is here!"

a soft female voice said, interrupting the man's thoughts.

"Yes. I'm on my way."

Louis quickly got up and left the room without a second glance or waking Emily up, as if the person who had just been so full of loving affection was not him.

"I thought I had told you not to tell my father that I have found her. How could you tell him without my permission? Huh?"

Louis asked in a soft voice. Although he had a foreigner's face, his pronunciation was perfectly correct and almost native level.

"I'm sorry, but the master must have heard the rumor. He came over and asked me about it. He already knew about your previous visit to Jingshi City. That's why I had to tell him," the woman answered his question calmly as she stood next to Louis.

"Never again!"

Louis said softly. But this softness revealed a sense of irrefutable majesty which was associated with nobility.

"Louis, do you really think that they will listen to you when you discipline them like that?" an old but solemn voice said from the front door, and a man of oriental origin with wrinkles all over his face came in.

"Father, you sa

towards Emily.

This woman's face was so similar that the old man could tell without a DNA test that she was his child!

"Father, are you all right?"

Louis looked nervously at the old man, his eyebrows twisted into knots and his deep blue eyes filled with concern.

After so many years of searching for Emily, she had now ended up lying in bed like a broken and ragged doll. It was hard not to feel devastated.

The old man shook his head, and walked one step closer to reach Emily's side. The sensation of grief and pain was palpable in the quiet room. Tears flowed from his eyes and fell to the expensive carpet. "Yvonne... Yvonne..."

Emily showed no reaction, and was still lying quietly on the bed.

"Father, let's go out first!" Louis tried to suppress his own sadness and disappointment as he led the old man from the room.

In the study, the old man sank heavily into a chair, and began to recount the memories of the past.

"Louis, in fact, your mom and I do have a child. We have a daughter. She is younger than you. 20 years ago, I came here for work and by chance met your mom. I was 16 years older than your mother, but we still fell in love and got married. We didn't want to have a baby until we were financially stable. By that time, I was already 50 years old, and although I was not very rich, everything went well until..."

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