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   Chapter 968 Both Of Them Had Their Own Evil Plots

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8888

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Darren narrowed his eyes and looked the man up and down. It was a few seconds before he recognized him. "Oh, it's you. You're so good at disguising yourself that I almost didn't recognize you," Darren whispered.

The man closed the door behind him and then swiftly took the mask off his face. With an insidious smile, he said, "Since you've managed to achieve your purpose, you must now keep your promise to me."

Under the mask were Agni's wrinkled face and somber eyes. There was a faintly wry smile on his lips.

"Your beloved disciple has betrayed you. Do you think it will ever be possible for you to live a peaceful and quiet life after this?"

Darren said in a sarcastic tone as he picked up his goblet of wine from the table again. After a gentle swirl of the goblet, he drank all the wine in it.

Darren's words stunned Agni for a moment. Then, Agni walked over to Darren and sat down in the chair in front of him. With a contemptuous smile, Agni said, "Truly, we can't trust even our closest relatives, let alone a disciple who has no kinship to me. Mr. Xu, don't you think so?"

Obviously, he was mocking Darren, having returned Darren's comment with a jab of his own.

Agni was aware that Darren had stolen his brother's wife and hurt his brother's children. 'Given his actions, Darren will likely do something more outrageous in the future, ' Agni thought.

After a moment of embarrassment, Darren also donned a contemptuous smile on his thin lips. "When someone is powerful enough, the whole world will belong to him, and even more so a lonely woman."

Darren was not sure what Agni had found out yet. 'Rita has been staying in my private villa. No one knows her whereabouts. Why did Agni suddenly say that? Has he found out where she is?' Darren thought with a frown of concern. He didn't trust anyone, not even Agni.

"Mr. Xu, you're such a young and capable man. And besides that, you're handsome and rich. As one of the most influential people in Jingshi City, you can easily get everything you want or desire. But I'm just a poor man with nothing. I only want to spend my remaining years in comfort; I don't want to become involved in the disputes between all sorts of powerful forces. As long as you agree to that, it will not be difficult for me to mind my own business,"

Agni said politely when he saw the displeasure flash in Darren's eyes. After all, he didn't dare to offend Darren. The balance of power needed to be maintained.

At first, Agni had wanted to keep Ariel with him in order to ensure that he lived a happy and stable life in his old age, but now, Ariel had betrayed him. Over the years, he had made m

o selflessly protect a man like Jacob.

"If Michelle knew that you had deliberately cajoled her into going abroad so that I had enough time to abduct Rita and Emily, do you think she would kill you?"

Darren asked Agni jokingly. His cold eyes were filled with arrogance and disdain. But in fact, he had spoken after much deliberation. His words were never casual; after all, he was a wily man.

Darren had deliberately quarreled with Agni and cajoled him into persuading Michelle to leave Rita. That way, Darren had created the opportunity to capture Rita and Emily. Agni hadn't done it on purpose, and he had just wanted Michelle to save Rita. However, had it not been for him, Darren's plan would not have been so smoothly achieved. Agni's deeds had led to Michelle losing her sister to Darren.

"I promise you, I'll do it!"

Agni said firmly, but there was a worried look on his wrinkled face.

He spoke firmly. After all, he had no choice but to agree to Darren's request.

He was worried because it was the most difficult task he had gotten in his life, though it seemed to be such a simple one.

Jacob had been down and out on many occasions in the past, and there had been many people who had wanted to kill him, but no one had been able to do so yet.

Since Jacob had been so able and capable enough to gain a foothold in Jingshi City, where there were many evil forces, it was beyond doubt that he was a very talented person with a strong background.

"Well, that's great!" Darren said while clapping his hands. Although there was a faint smile playing on Darren's face, Agni could feel his ironic tone when he spoke.

They were friendly and completely civil to each other on the surface, but underneath, both of them had their own evil plots.

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