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   Chapter 966 Find Her, Whether Dead Or Alive

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11064

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By the time Seamus realized what Jacob was planning to do, they had already stopped right in front of the room where Emily had stayed last night. The flames were roaring like demons from hell and it couldn't be called a house anymore, but rather a funeral pyre.

Beaten out of his senses, Jacob let go of Seamus. He had totally forgotten that he himself was at the point of death after having been tortured by Seamus's men all night long and again by Seamus just now. He looked around and grabbed a wet cotton quilt that must have been left on the ground by one of Seamus's men. Then, he desperately dashed into the fire without further hesitation or thought.

Part of the roof had fallen down, and it was impossible for Jacob to find sure footing for his feet. But he just stumbled along as he pushed the fallen beams and wood panels out of his way with the wet quilt wrapped over his shoulders. His feet had caught on fire and he could smell the burning of his skin. But still he pushed ahead, looking for the woman he loved.

"Emily! Emily! Please, say something! I'm here!" Jacob roared with all his strength.

His hoarse voice was sharp and clear, and even the sea of fire was unable to cover the sorrow and concern in it. It brought tears to the eyes of the outsiders who heard it and they remembered their own loved ones whom they had spent their lives with. What would they do, if they were faced with a similar situation?

It was a typical room of a peasant family in the rural area of China, and it was a single room. Thus, although it had been consumed by the fire, Jacob was able to tell where the bed, the wardrobe, and the table had been.

Jacob's eyes swept the room inch by inch for the familiar figure of his wife, disregarding the smoke stinging his eyes, and the resulting tears that were pouring forth from him in desperation. But he didn't find any sign of her and became even more anxious. If she was here, she must have passed out, having either been burned by the fire or choked by the smoke. Either situation would have taken her life from her. Jacob moved everything he could to search for her, no matter whether it was a brick or a beam, but he got nothing. She was not there!

"Emily, please, please, say something to me if you're here! You're scaring me! I can't live without you!" he shouted in a tearful voice.

When the thought that he might have lost Emily forever crossed his exhausted mind, he roared desperately with his head facing the sky. Then he went down on his knees. The quilt covering his head and shoulders had caught on fire too, and Jacob felt as if he was already crossing to another world right there on his knees.

Jacob managed to open his eyes wide, but everything was a blur. He wanted to keep searching, but he couldn't feel his body anymore. He felt as if there was a mountain pressing down on him.

He collapsed on the ground. In an illusion, he thought that he spotted his wife, who was smiling at him and reaching out her gentle hands to him.

"My love…" he murmured, stretching his hand out to hold hers.

He cracked a desperate smile and then closed his eyes, thinking that soon he would be with his wife and they would be free and live happily together thereafter.

Two rows of bloody tears were streaking along his cheeks. Jacob wa

words. He managed to turn over and crawled back to the fire that he had been brought out of only a minute ago.

He couldn't leave without his wife. He couldn't go away and leave Emily here alone.

If Emily had been killed in this fire, he would rather be burned to death in the same flames than live alone in this world. With this faith, Jacob headed to the fire on all fours. He gritted his teeth and getting there was the only thing on his mind.

"You're asking for death, Jacob. Let me take care of this!" Michelle shouted and stopped him going any further. "Look, I'll try my best to find her. Please, trust me. You need medical attention immediately. You will die before her, if you insist on staying here!"

"It's none of your business," Jacob barely hissed the harsh sounding words, but Michelle heard him.

He kept moving to the fire with a determination that Michelle had never seen before. It seemed that nothing could hold him back.

Michelle sighed hopelessly, overwhelmed by a feeling of utter desperation. She then narrowed her eyes firmly. Moving close to him, she firmly raised her hand and delivered a swift blow to the back of Jacob's neck.

"Emily is dead. She is dead, Jacob," she murmured as she squatted down and put her hand on his back.

Suddenly, Seamus jumped to his feet and burst into laughter, facing the flaming fires. But then he began crying in deep sorrow.

Michelle paid no attention to him and said to her men, "Hurry up! Keep searching! Now!"

Among the vast green mountains, the small village looked as tiny as a spindrift in the ocean, but not for the people who were born here and lived here. The survivors were looking at it with all manners of desperate expressions. Women were in tears and men clenched their fists to hold their emotions, thinking of how to rebuild it. On the top of a nearby mountain, a man was standing with a telescope in his hands, observing the situation around the burning village.

He smiled carelessly and watched it for a long moment. As he confirmed that everything was going as expected, he took the telescope from his eyes and turned to look at the unconscious woman lying behind him. His smile became even wider.

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