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   Chapter 965 Emily Was Trapped In The Fire

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11006

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"This is all that I can tell you. But you must understand that I can't let you go. I'm just trying to make you feel better." The old lady stopped talking and looked at Emily and smiled with pity. Clearly, she wished that there was more that she could do for Emily.

She didn't want to say more because she had no idea what Seamus would do if she helped Emily get out of here. She had gotten the feeling that Seamus was no longer the nice little boy he had been after all he had done to keep Emily here for their wedding. But she still felt pity for Seamus because she had watched him grow up and knew the heartache he had suffered as a child.

On the other hand, Emily didn't pay attention to what the old lady was talking about, because her mind was occupied with wondering where they were keeping Jacob.

"You'd better take a nap. The wedding will go on for quite a while. I'll stay outside with the others and we will take you to the wedding venue when the time comes," the old lady said again.

She sighed inwardly and stood up, secretly wondering why Seamus hadn't found a woman who was truly willing to be his wife. Love could not be forced.

Then, the old lady walked out of the room with the map folded up in her hand. Emily had thrust it into her hand and begged her to give it to Jacob when no-one was watching.

The room was dead silent again after the door was firmly closed from the outside. Emily gazed at the door blankly, lost in her thoughts while her heart was filled with anxiety. She had marked where she was now on the map. As long as the old lady gave it to Jacob, he would know where she was, but the problem was whether or not the old lady would do her this favor. She crossed her fingers and prayed. It might be the last chance for Jacob and her to leave before it was too late.

She waited impatiently, wondering what was going to happen next, for it was still a mystery.

In the city, far away from them, Michelle monitored all of Darren's communication devices the day she woke up, and she set out for Jacob the moment she learned how Darren had instructed his men to terminate Jacob and Emily. She was so anxious to find Jacob that she didn't even keep David updated.

When David received the news that Michelle was gone, he was left far behind. Then, he mustered all his sources, hoping to find any trace leading to either Michelle or Jacob. With tireless effort, he was also finally making his way to the mountains.

As the sun climbed up in the east, the sunshine crept into the room through the windows and onto Emily. She opened her eyes a little, but hurriedly closed them again because of the sun's bright glare. As they were in the mountains, it was late in the morning by the time the sun shone on their houses. Emily turned her head a little with her eyes still closed, and tried to turn her body, but stopped immediately. The pain all over her body was murderously intense and left her sweating and nauseous. Emily's brow beaded with sweat and she stifled a groan.

Last night, Harriet had come into the room and spoken to her after the old lady had left. Harriet had talked for quite a while, trying to persuade her to just do as Seamus had asked, but Emily hadn't answered her. Emily had at first been curious as to what was in these peo

cob was the only thing he could think about now.

Jacob was still tied up though. If Seamus had even a hint of sense, he could have realized that it would have been impossible for Jacob to have started the fire, but Seamus had totally lost his rationality now.

"Where is she?" Jacob asked again and again.

He surveyed the houses on fire around them with the limited vision that the slit of his eyes provided. He had no intention of confronting Seamus at all, and instead hoped that he could get Emily out of danger as soon as possible.

"Where is she? Now you remember her! Did you ever consider that she might be in one of these burning houses when you set the fire? Don't you know that she's also made of flesh and bones and will be burned by fire just like everyone else?" Seamus roared.

His voice was pitching, but it was not remarkable among the dreary cries and screams of the other fire victims. Seamus realized that he was trembling all over, while a frightful expression twisted his face, seeming to indicate that he would swallow Jacob at any moment.

"Where is she?" Jacob kept insisting stubbornly.

Jacob's eyes were bathed in crimson due to the blood flowing down his face from numerous cuts and welts. No one could have read the expression he was wearing now, but he sounded like a furious lion king. Suddenly, he felt the blood-soaked rope on his hands loosen. He lifted his hand with all his strength and punched Seamus in his face. Unexpectedly, Seamus was knocked down on the ground and Jacob got on top of him, pressing his head into the mud and asking desperately, "Where is she?"

He punched Seamus with such strength that he didn't even know where it had magically come from. Seamus struggled to get Jacob off him, but it was in vain no matter how hard he tried. Things had happened too swiftly, and there was no-one who was able to do anything.

Harriet suddenly showed up in front of them. She shouted at Jacob, "I know where she is! Come with me!" She then pointed at the flaming house behind them.

Jacob stopped immediately and got up without any further hesitation. Dragging Seamus with him, he stumbled toward the house, which was burning down.

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