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   Chapter 964 The Wedding Banquet Is About To Begin

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8313

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After taking a quick glance at the place where the map was hidden, Emily quickly lay on the bed, pretending that she was still sleeping. She listened carefully to the footsteps approaching from outside.

"Emily, the wedding is about to begin. It's time for you to get dressed and freshen up,"

said the granny who had handed Emily red ribbons on the first day that she had arrived at the village. The old woman came to Emily's room with several other villagers. Although they all knew that Emily had a beau, they could do nothing about it. Seamus was determined to marry her. In fact, they scolded him in their hearts, but dared not show their anger. He had terrorized the villagers as much as he scared Emily.

"What?" Emily asked.

She pretended that she was still half-asleep and rubbed her eyes. Then, she struggled to get up. She couldn't help but flinch from the pain in her back.

"Does it still hurt?" the granny asked with concern.

Compared to the other villagers, the old lady was very kind. It even seemed that she cared about Emily.

"Yes, a little," Emily responded honestly.

Emily nodded her head and forced a smile.

"Emily, you'd better get something to eat. For the rest of the day, you'll be very busy and might feel tired. You're still a little weak. I'm afraid you might get sick or even faint during the wedding banquet," the old lady said.

Emily hadn't noticed that she was carrying some food until she heard what the old lady said. The food was in a paper bag and a savory aroma wafted to her nose. Suddenly, she felt hungry.

Without hesitation, she took the food and started to eat. 'No matter what happens today, I must retain my strength. I can't hold Jacob back, ' Emily thought.

At the thought of Jacob, sadness and worry made her eyes water. Emily knew that Jacob was seriously injured. What was worse, she had no idea where Seamus was keeping him. She sadly lowered her head and ate the food. Although it wasn't tasty, she still ate it all, for she had to build up her energy to fight.

After Emily finished eating, the villagers started to help her freshen up and put on some makeup. In the village, people called it a banquet. But in the city, people called it a wedding. Their wedding customs were also different from those in the city. They had arranged the wedding according to the ancient traditions.

Emily was wearing a red traditional Chinese gown. As an excellent designer herself, Emily concluded after taking a look

ng around the corner of the room, listened carefully to their conversation. With a blank look on her face, her eyes were full of malice. She thought, 'Since the old woman knows Emily doesn't love Seam, why did she still insist on planning and organizing the banquet for them? Why didn't she stop Seam from marrying Emily?

She's a respected woman in our village. If she tried to persuade Seam to change his mind, he would listen to her.'

Harriet wanted to say something, but at last, she gave up and continued to eavesdrop on the conversation between the old lady and Emily.

"Granny, you... Do you know where the man is? Or do you know anything about his wound?"

Emily asked after thinking about it for a while. She was not sure whether the old lady would tell her where Jacob was. But at least, she might know what his physical condition was.

"I don't know whether he is healed or not. But I know that Seamus immediately brought two doctors to our village. One was brought here to examine you. The other must have been sent to examine your lover. Therefore, I'd guess that he is fine. But I really don't know where he is. Seamus never told us anything about that,"

the old lady answered honestly. She could see that Emily and Jacob were suffering so much, so she wanted to tell Emily everything she knew, which was also why she had asked the other villagers to leave just now.


Emily asked as she was delighted to hear that Jacob had received medical treatment. However, the banquet was about to begin, and she still felt very sad and worried. If Seamus really forced her to marry him, what could she do? What would Jacob do?

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