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   Chapter 963 I Will Kill Him!

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Emily was suffering from a severe back pain. Sweat was rolling down from her pale cheeks.

Seamus had been keeping vigil next to her. After seeing that there were signs of her waking up, he hurriedly got up and looked at her, his face filled with worry. "Emily? Are you awake?" he asked.

The familiar and strange voice, like the demon in the nightmare, was repulsive to Emily and made her shake her head violently, while her sweating face twisted into a painful grimace.

"Emily! Emily!"

In the dim room, Emily's grimacing face made Seamus's heart clench with concern. He raised his hand and gently shook her petite body, hoping to wake her from the nightmare that she was having.

It had been more than ten hours since Emily had fainted, but she was not seriously injured. She had been horrified at the thought of seeing Jacob getting further injured, so she had interceded and been knocked down by the stick, which had made her feel dizzy.

"Jacob! Jacob!"

Emily shook her head painfully, shouting Jacob's name. Her eager voice pierced Seamus's ears. He yanked Emily from the bed and roughly pulled her into his arms.

Anger had overridden his sanity, and Seamus had completely forgotten that Emily was hurt.

"I forbid you to call his name. If I hear his name again, I will kill him!"

The cold and merciless voice was like a stabbing needle that pierced Emily's nightmares, waking her up. She struggled painfully, her feeble hands pounding at Seamus's body, wanting to be released from his grip and the pain which he was causing her.

"Emily, I am warning you! No more mention of Jacob, and no more thinking about him, or I will kill him!"

Seamus grabbed Emily's hands with his strong hands, forcing her to look him in the eyes while he shook her forcefully. Emily had never seen such a vicious expression from him before.

Gradually, Emily calmed down. From Seamus's words, she determined that Jacob's life was not in danger, but she remembered that Jacob had been injured and did not know what his condition was.

Emily did not dare to ask, and instead she just quietly leaned back against the wall and stared at Seamus vigilantly.

She dared not continue to piss him off, regardless of w

e without Jacob. Woman's intuition told her that Harriet was not someone she could trust. Harriet was the one who had bullied her the most, after all.

"I have to leave with Jacob."

Emily broke free from Harriet's grasp and took the opportunity to hide the map. She opened her eyes and glared at Harriet attentively.

"What are you talking about? You're going to be Seam's woman soon, and you're still thinking about your lover? If I were you, I would just get out of here with the map! You can get whichever man you want once you are out of here! Why bother caring about a half-dead man?"

Harriet could see that Jacob was also a powerful man, but certainly not as desirable as Seam. So although she was impressed by Jacob's handsome face and strong aura, she preferred Seamus, whom she knew everything about. Besides, Jacob might not survive the beating he had received.


Harriet was blabbering on about a lot of things, but Emily only paid attention to what had happened to Jacob.

"What happened to him?"

Emily asked, grabbing Harriet's wrist and whispering with a voice filled with prayer and worry.

"I told you, I don't know. Leave now or those ladies will come and prepare you for your wedding!" It will really be too late by that time!

Before Harriet could say one more word, there was a hubbub from outside the room.

"Here they come!"

Harriet glared at Emily who had ruined her carefully-laid plan, and then hid inside the closet.

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