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   Chapter 962 The KING Group

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As if she had read all of Jacob's emotions, Emily instantly blocked his lips with her slim fingers, and then smiled and shook her head.

As long as she could count on being with Jacob, she was willing to suffer any hardship and fatigue. The most difficult times were when she was with him; but the happiest times were also when she was with him. It would be enough as long as they had each other.

Throughout her life, Emily only wanted this man. He was her shining light and she couldn't face life without his guidance.

"I will accompany you if you want to go, and I will accompany you if you don't go!" Emily's clear eyes twinkled in the flickering light from the lake surface.

She knew about Jacob. Although he seemed cold and heartless, he would never leave his brothers alone, just for the sake of the safety of the two of them.

Jacob gently took Emily into his arms, as if he was holding a precious treasure. It was clear that he was deeply touched and cherished Emily from the bottom of his heart.

Emily was like another version of Jacob, and she had become someone who could read all of his thoughts, even if he just gestured at her or exchanged a look.

"Well, since you don't want to leave, both of you should attend my wedding banquet!"

Their intimacy made Seamus envious and jealous. They also reminded him of his foster parents.

Seamus did not feel that he was destroying someone else's feelings in his quest for happiness for himself. He did not realize that he had just become the one who he resented the most.

After Seamus finished speaking, the many bodyguards behind him stepped towards Jacob with sticks in their hands.


Emily did not want to see anything happening to Jacob. However, she could do nothing but watch the terrible fight which was about to happen.

Jacob pushed Emily to a safe place. His slender fingers pulled at his collar and his stern eyes made the bodyguards hesitate. However, they were ordered with an unflinching resolve to run at him.

The sunshine became stronger and stronger, which hurt Emily's eyes. She was worried about Jacob who shuttled among the many bodyguards in black. He was exhausted, as he had been looking for Emily for many days. Tired as he was, Jacob was still fearless

top floor of the KING Group headquarters, Darren looked at the whole city. He held a goblet of wine and twirled it gently. The scarlet liquid inside the goblet reminded him of blood and made him feel good.

After a long time, he turned around and picked up his cell phone. His thin lips opened slightly. His soft voice was like sunshine pouring from his beautiful lips. "Kill them all." This was where the beautiful image ended, as his voice radiated horrible fears and orated doom.

Standing at the door, Dina involuntarily felt goosebumps rise on her arms. It took a while for her nerves to settle, before she pushed the door open and summoned the courage to enter the office beyond.


Fear and worry instantly changed into gentleness and charm as soon as she opened the door. She squeezed her hand around her slender waist and slowly walked to Darren's side. She walked her fingers up his chest and opened the top button of his shirt at the same time. Her face was like a kitten asking for milk as she looked up at him seductively.

Darren raised his head with a dark smile and drank all the wine in his goblet with a single gulp.


He threw the expensive crystal goblet to the floor. Dina was picked up by Darren, and he carried her towards the huge floor-to-ceiling window behind her, peeling off her clothes as he went.

Predicting what was going to happen, Dina tried harder to please Darren. Right in front of the window, their intimate breaths dispersed in the big office.

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