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   Chapter 961 Only Jacob And Emily Left

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10275

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In utter puzzlement, Harriet racked her brains trying to figure out why these two handsome men were in love with someone like Emily.

As she found herself deeply attracted to Jacob, Harriet felt nauseated by the scene unfolding right before her own eyes. In her delusional mind, she even drew a picture of the man she would choose if both of them had proposed to her. She glared at Emily through the crowd, stifling a contemptuous cackle under her breathe to hide her true feelings.

"I don't care who you are, but she is my wife and I'm taking her back with me. As for what you've done to her, I'll see to it that you pay your dues!" Jacob said in a cold voice.

He stepped in front of Emily and hid her behind him, deliberately maintaining eye contact with Seamus. He was proclaiming his sovereignty over his kingdom like a lion would.

Jacob might have appreciated the fact that Seamus had saved Emily's life, but he would never excuse Seamus's dreams of making her his wife.

"Do you think you're just going to walk out of here willy-nilly?" Seamus asked, looking back at Jacob with an easy grace.

Seamus felt an unpleasant sensation, a sense of confusion, rising from the bottom of his heart. In truth, he was beginning to question the morality of his actions. After all, he was asking another man's wife to marry him. However, Jacob's intimidating attitude aroused a side of him that felt like he needed to prove himself.

Seamus was well aware that he didn't feel strongly enough about Emily. His attraction was initially born out of curiosity and as they got along easily, he had confused his infatuation for love.

"Seamus, please stop! I don't know what made you think that I would agree to marry you. We barely know each other. I owe you for saving my life, but we both know that it's not love. You need to think about what you're talking about before rushing to conclusions!" Emily said emotionally from behind her husband.

Emily had come to learn that Seamus was a nice person after getting to know him for a while, but she had no idea why he insisted on marrying her even though she had turned him down on multiple occasions.

Emily was reluctant to see Seamus turn against her and Jacob. For one, she had grown tired of making her list of enemies any longer than it already was, and secondly, Seamus was not a malicious person. She hoped to come to a peaceful compromise with Seamus so that she could go back to living her life with Jacob and their children.

Seamus, however, remained silent, placidly gazing at Emily with an indecipherable expression.

"Seamus, this is my husband and I'm going to leave with him. Don't try to stop us. I love him and will never leave him for another man," Emily said firmly.

She could still see the clear determination in Seamus's eyes. Although there was a distance between them, she could already tell that he wasn't going to give up without a fight. Since words were of no use, she would have to speak with actions.

However, even though her words didn't have any effect on Seamus, the villagers

ob wrapped her cold hand with his to ease her nerves. Instead of looking at Seamus, he looked around as if he was enjoying the scenery around them before he opened his mouth. "You know nothing about me. Do you really think that we won't get out of here just because I am alone?"

Jacob sounded quite confident, and in all honesty, he was. He was sure that he would be able to take his wife out of here safe and sound without the help of his bodyguards.

"Why don't you give it a try? Perhaps you can leave, but she's not going anywhere. Look at her! She's too weak to march a long and hard journey after having gone through all these hardships," Seamus sneered.

He then switched his eyes from Jacob to Emily. His heart ached as he spotted the pallor of her face. But the feeling disappeared almost as quickly as it had arrived. Instead, a bloodthirsty hunger took its place.

Seamus cherished her and felt annoyed to make her go through this, but his hatred for her was overwhelming. He hated her because she had gone back on her promise to keep playing this show with him and had chosen to stand beside Jacob in front of all the people he cared about. He was not going to allow it!

Seamus felt as though his dignity as a man was being challenged.

He couldn't give up, not while all eyes were on him. Jacob appeared to be a tough rival, but that just excited him all the more. The worthier Jacob was, the sweeter a victory over him would taste.

Jacob, however, had no knowledge of what Seamus was scheming, because all his attention was on his wife right now. The sight of her pale face and fragile body broke his heart, like someone was choking it with both hands.

Emily's body was so frail that she wouldn't be able to withstand even a gust of wind.

Emily cracked a bright smile at Jacob, telling him that she was fine, which almost brought tears to his eyes. He hated himself for not keeping her safe enough. If he had, she wouldn't have had been here in the first place.

"Come on, Jacob. I'll be fine!" she said firmly.

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