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   Chapter 960 Confrontation

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Overwhelmed and extremely excited, Jacob held Emily tightly in his arms. A soft gleam flashed through his deep and dark eyes.

"I'm sorry that I'm late. It took me too much time to find you here,"

Jacob apologized with his hoarse voice as he leaned slightly closer to Emily's ear. Not waiting for Emily's response, he quickly covered her lips with his mouth in a passionate and urgent kiss.

The atmosphere in the small cave was full of love. Emily held Jacob's neck close to her body and responded enthusiastically. If he had appeared a little later, she would have been forced to marry Seamus. She could not help but shudder at that prospect.

Thank God! Jacob had finally found her just in time!

After quite a while, Emily and Jacob pulled apart. It would be daylight soon, and Jacob's men couldn't continue to pretend to work for Seamus anymore. Therefore, they had to go and wait for Jacob in the entrance cave.

"How did you find this cave?"

Emily asked as she looked up at Jacob. Her eyes dimmed, filled with sadness when she saw his stubble-covered chin, the blue circles of anguish under his eyes, and his muddy clothes.

She thought, 'He must have been looking all over for me for a long time. It seems that he suffered more hardships than I did.'

"I know you were summoning me, so here I am!" Jacob looked at Emily with a smile as he bantered. Taking advantage of her inattention, he pecked Emily lightly on her pink lips.

"You... You're so naughty!"

Emily said as she pursed her lips, pretending to get angry with him. However, at the same time, she unconsciously drew closer to him. She felt extremely comfortable and at ease when he was by her side. Emily wanted to sink into the moment, and relish the feeling of safety which she had missed over the last few weeks.

But at present, they were still in danger in the village. Although Jacob had appeared, it didn't mean that Seamus would let them go yet. Thinking of that, Emily told Jacob everything that had happened to her in the village.

"How dare he force you to marry him?"

Jacob half-shouted. At that moment, he was enraged and a cold light flashed in his sharp eyes.

Although Jacob was really grateful to Seamus for saving Emily's life, he still had a feeling that Seamus had harbored other intentions. He sensed that Seamus was not as simple-minded as Emily thought, because he knew that men always had their own selfish motives, especially the men from the Lu Family.

"He's a good man, but… But he is the same as all the men from the Lu Family. Once

and dark eyes.

"He is my husband. I really appreciate your help during the past several days. But I am sorry that I can't repay you as you expect. If I have the chance, I'll repay you in the future,"

Emily said to Seamus in a serious tone. He could sense that her voice was overflowing with their estrangement. Clearly, he didn't occupy the same space in her heart as Jacob did, and it vexed Seamus.

Emily held Jacob's arm the whole time and her body was tightly pressed to Jacob's side. Seamus noticed this display of intimacy between Emily and Jacob, and it irked him.

Seamus thought, 'Every time I wanted to touch Emily, she would quickly move away to avoid being touched, and refuse me because of this man—Jacob.'

It was known to all that Jacob was a financial genius in Jingshi City. Seamus had already heard about him before he had returned to the Lu Family. Moreover, he had secretly admired Jacob once.

However, Seamus had never expected that one day, he and Jacob would become enemies because of a woman named Emily. Seamus felt that it was the twist of fate's cruel knife in his heart.

"What will you do if I refuse to let you go?" Seamus asked in a deep voice then.

As time went by, more and more villagers gathered around them. Gradually, they became aware of the relationship between Emily and Seamus from their conversation. Both Jacob and Seamus were excellent young men. So, they were not sure whose side they should choose.

Harriet was there as well. She stomped her foot on the ground angrily and thought, 'Emily is such a bitch. Why do so many excellent men love her?

Seamus is such a great guy. But the other man seems to be even more excellent than him.'

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