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   Chapter 959 Jacob Found Emily

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When the night fell, it became cooler. All the noise had gone with the sun, except for the frogs croaking and the insects buzzing. Emily could hear footsteps coming and going, and realized that these must be from the people who were looking for her.

She sat behind a rock, crossing her arms around her legs and resting her head on her knees. Her long black hair had fallen down and buried her face. Emily just let the long locks be as if these could hide her from the outside world.

It had been two weeks since she had been taken away. She was trapped here in this remote mountain, and Jacob hadn't gotten to her yet.

Emily was certain that something must have stopped Jacob, and it had to be something huge and terrible. She prayed that it wasn't something to do with Rita and the kids. She hoped that they were safe and sound, even if they were still in Darren's hands.

On the other hand, the village remained quite noisy the whole night. Seamus had searched every corner of the village with the help of the villagers, but they hadn't found Emily. It seemed that she had vanished from the face of the earth.

"Seam, please, think about it! Maybe she doesn't want to marry you, and therefore, she ran away. I suppose she's left the village already, because the place where she disappeared is close to the route off the mountain! You need to consider my words, Seam!" a woman shouted in a high-pitched, resentful voice.

It was one of the women who had guarded Emily during the day. She looked at Seamus expectantly as she spoke.

Seamus recognized her immediately. They had grown up together and he had found favor in her eyes. The truth was that this woman was jealous of Emily because she actually wanted to marry him herself. In her eyes, Emily was no better than a human wreck and full of tricks, even though she looked too weak to be able to withstand a gentle breeze.

"Harriet, tell me the truth. Was it you who set her free?" Seamus suddenly asked in a gloomy voice.

He stared at Harriet without batting an eye. She could see the flames burning in his eyes, and felt a chill running down her spine. This man was no longer the same man of her childhood. She wondered what he had experienced and why he had become so unfamiliar to her now. She thought that he was looking at her like she was a demon from hell.

Taken aback, Harriet forgot to respond to Seamus. She looked back at him with her mouth open and eyes fearfully widened. Inwardly, she refused to believe that he was the same man that she had known for over twenty years! He had changed so drastically.

"No! What are you talking about? I would never do such a thing, Seamus! You need to trust me! I admit that I don't like her, but I know you love her. I will do anything for you, as long as you are happy!" Harriet shouted passionately.

She was telling the truth. She had hated Emily since she had laid eyes on her, but she had not dared to do anything to Emily, because it was Seamus who had brought Emily back. Harriet liked Seamus and wouldn't do anything to piss him off. His approval was too precious to her.

A man could choose to marry more than one wife in this village. Harriet had been hoping that one day she could marry Seamus, regardless of whether he had already married or not. Emily was pretty and delicate, but she would change a lot if she continued to live here. No flower could keep on blooming for a hundred days, and she believed that Seamus

ang of strangers had slipped into the village.

"Keep low and quiet. Find her!" Jacob ordered in a clear and restrained voice.

They scattered immediately and merged with the shadows. Jacob was confident because the people here didn't know they were here, and since the people were still searching, they clearly had not found Emily either.

Jacob's men were all professionals and they searched methodically through the village, inch by inch, to find Emily. He was sure that they would find her. Different from searching for a needle in a haystack, they now had a more targeted area.

Time always passed swiftly when people were concentrating. The sun soon lightened the eastern sky. After the grey of pre-dawn, the sky grew even lighter and the village was clearly seen. It was a busy place and not tranquil at all.

Jacob had separated from his men. Now he was standing in front of the rock that Emily was hiding behind. It was hard to hide here, but if one did not look carefully, they would never know that there was a space behind the huge rock. That was why Emily had been able to stay hidden all night long without being discovered.

Emily had been keeping a continuous watch. She grabbed a small rock in her hands when she heard someone stopping right in front of the rock, and she held her breath. Her hands were trembling and her heart was beating fast, like a frightened deer caught in a trap.

At the same time, Jacob had found the space and drew nearer to investigate. As the light was suddenly blocked, Emily lifted her hands and closed her eyes, ready to smash the rock at whoever came in. She would never wait helplessly for the end.

But she didn't hear any more sounds. The little hidden world behind the rock became quiet again. She dared not breathe or open her eyes, but her ears were piqued. Suddenly, she felt herself wrapped in a pair of warm arms, which were so familiar to her. She softened her body, as the rock fell from her nerveless fingers, and then she wrapped her arms around his waist tightly, sniffing to smell the unique and unforgettable scent of her man.

Slowly, tears slipped down along her cheeks. She knew that she didn't need to be tough anymore, and she would be taken good care of. She gripped his clothes and let her tears run down unceasingly.

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