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   Chapter 958 An Opportunity To Escape

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6962

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The guilt that had been gnawing at her inside finally vanished as her favorable impression of Seamus blackened.

It turned out that it was her who had been stupid and naive, not Seamus.

She now understood why Seamus had been able to find her so quickly after she had left the village.

Seamus looked at Emily's disappointed eyes as the bodyguards moved toward her and ruthlessly dragged her away.

It was true that he had returned to the village to visit his adoptive parents' grave, but he had not told Emily that he'd seen Darren's underlings dropping her in the mountains.

It was coincidental that they had met, but it was his intention not to send her back to Jingshi city, for he recognized her instantly.

He had mixed feelings about what he was doing to Emily; all he knew was he wanted her by his side.

"Seamus, are you going to be like them as well?"

Emily did not try to escape and instead stood upright in front of him and stared right into his eyes. Her eyes were disappointed yet expectant. Part of her believed she could talk him out of this.

Seamus turned his face away, uncomfortable under her gaze. He did not answer her question. He neither knew what he was doing, nor why he was doing so. All he wanted was to follow his own heart.

The bumpy road undulated like Emily's mood. Tears welled up in her eyes. She bit her lip in order not to cry, trying hard not to let the tears flow.

Now that she couldn't trust Seamus anymore, she was on her own. She hoped Jacob would find and rescue her.

On the other side of the mountain, Jacob struggled to find Emily. There was no trace of her. A heavy rain that had fallen the day before had washed away all the possible traces.

Sweat and raindrops slid down Jacob's chiseled face. His deep and dark eyes showed how persistent he was.

'Keep looking, ' he told himself.

He needed to find Emily no matter what.

At the same time, Emily was locked up in a small house surrounded by Seamus's bodyguards. They were watching her closely, lest she escaped.

The wedding was the next day. If she

gs intently.

The village was deep inside the mountains. She remembered Seamus had guided her down from the top of the mountain and through a cave. The village was inside the cave and the mountains were outside it. She could see the mouth of the cave. Her gamble was that it was the same cave she'd been through before.

Some of the women fanned themselves with banana leaves while bad-mouthing Emily for taking so long.

She could hear the things they were saying about her. While they indulged in bitching about her, she quickly ran toward the mouth of the cave using the bushes as cover.

By the time it finally occurred to them to look for her, it had already been ten minutes since she had left.

The villagers were all on Seamus's side. Emily found a temporary hiding place and waited for a chance to escape.

Seamus soon received the news of Emily's disappearance and sent the bodyguards to look for her. Emily was hiding in a small nook in the cave, wide enough to hide a single person. The entrance was hidden by a big rock, which itself was recessed into the surface of the cave. She was hidden quite well.

The wet and dark atmosphere made her uncomfortable, but there was nothing else she could do if she wanted to get out of here.

The men searched every inch of the village thoroughly. She decided to wait there quietly and wait for a chance to finally flee.

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