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   Chapter 957 The Wedding Banquet

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 5999

Updated: 2019-10-16 00:12

"Now that you're going to be Seam's wife, you need to treat him well. His life has been so miserable..."

the old lady kept repeating. Emily kept a straight face. She could only nod her head as the old lady spoke.

"You will have the wedding banquet tomorrow. Go in and rest or you won't survive tomorrow."

As the old lady smiled, she pushed Emily back into the room and closed the door before Emily could say anything.

She wasn't familiar with this place at all. Getting all that information from the old lady had been too much for her to handle so she sat by the side of the bed.

Even though Seamus had saved Emily's life, she was still a married woman, so she couldn't marry him out of sheer gratitude. Even if it was just a fake marriage, she knew she couldn't do that to Jacob. She couldn't do it against her own conscience.

She realized she needed to talk to Seamus right away. She stood up and asked the old man where Seamus was so she could go to him.

While the village was old, it was nonetheless very clean. As she walked, several children ran past her and called her "the teacher's wife." She wanted to ask them what that was about but they merrily ran off.

It was obvious that Seamus had a good reputation here. Everyone here, from the elderly to the children, was very fond of him.

Maybe she had just misunderstood Seamus.

She continued to walk a few steps ahead, and then she saw Seamus among the crowd. He was tall and standing properly. That coupled with his handsome face made him stand out among the crowd.

Upon seeing Emily, Seamus smiled and waved at her, with a trace of joy and worry in his dark eyes. "Are you feeling better now?"

His warm voice was like a spring breeze but it sounded a bit strange to Emily.

She wanted to make it clear to

ealized what he was doing to Emily, he let her go and then pleaded, "Please just help me finish this. I'll let you go when it's all over."

"No way!"

Now that she was finally free from his grip, she retreated to a safe distance from Seamus. She looked vigilant and her eyes were sharp as knives.

"I'm sorry! Emily, I have to! You're leaving me no choice!"

Suddenly, several bulky men who looked like bodyguards appeared behind Seamus. Even though they looked like villagers, Emily figured it was just a disguise.

They were Seamus's bodyguards. They might have been following Seamus all this time and consequently Emily too. It's just that she hadn't found out until now.

"Look after her and prepare for the wedding banquet tomorrow."

Seamus had already decided that Emily was going to attend the wedding banquet tomorrow whether she liked it or not.

"Yes, sir!"

The bodyguards had instantly gotten a hold of Emily's arms and led her elsewhere. As Emily struggled to free herself, she accidentally saw the unique mark of the Lu Family on them.

'Have they been following Sean all this time?' Sean seemed to have known that they were there and he just hadn't told Emily.

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