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   Chapter 956 Darren Tightened The Ring Of Encirclement

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Without any further delay, Dina played the video. She walked around and showed it to everyone who was willing to lend an eye. In the video, Emily didn't seem unusual. She took the bunch of papers in her hand and read it from beginning to end very carefully before signing her name on it.

The truth was that Emily had been hypnotized by Darren the first day he took her away. She had signed the agreement only in her dreams. She herself might not have realized it at this moment.

"Was that actually Emily? I can't believe it! To my knowledge, Jacob is the president of this company. Since when did she become the president of this company?"

"Are you nuts? Are you delusional or something? Have you forgotten that the name of our company is Bai Group? It is named after Emily's family! I can't believe you guys didn't figure it out!"

"You're right! But I'm still employed here only because of Jacob. May I know why she chose to sell it? Was Jacob informed of any of this? A woman's heart is like a needle at the bottom of the sea!"

"I highly doubt that Jacob had any idea at all. It must be really heartbreaking when the person whom you were supposed to share the rest of your life with betrayed you! What a pity!"

More and more employees were gathering around Sam, some out of mere curiosity and others out of genuine concern. They discussed every possibility as to what could have occurred and all the credible conclusions reached Sam's ears. For a moment, he suspected that they had been tricked by Darren. He couldn't see any other reason as to why the rest of them began abusing Emily.

"You guys are quite smart! How can a woman like Emily who lives solely by tempting men be a reliable boss? Maybe Jacob built this company for her sake because she lied to him! Who knows?"

Dina fanned the flames as she claimed immense pleasure out of this misfortune. She hadn't been happier any time recently.

She smiled from ear to ear when she found out that she was not the only person who had an unresolved issue with Emily. At the same moment, she considered Emily to be a loser who couldn't even earn the respect and love of the employees of her own company.

"Please watch your words and tread lightly! None of the rumors you've heard and are speculating about have been confirmed yet, and I'll let all the people working here know as soon as I learn the entire truth! Until then, Emily Bai remains the president of this group. Before I forget, Miss Li, I'll have to ask the security to escort you out if you don't mind!" Sam snapped fiercely.

He then stared at Dina. As a matter of fact, Sam was simply trying to buy some more time for his boss. Clearing the place of Dina's presence would have been long done if it hadn't been crucial at this moment to find Emily.

"What?!" Dina shouted in surprise.

Her eyes beamed and her face reddened. She felt utterly humiliated before so many people. But she had no other option but to remain silent and oblige.

It was certain that Sam wouldn't hand over the reins of this group to them just because they had shown him a couple of documents. He at least needed to make several calls to confirm it. However, something fishy was definitely going on. Facts were facts, whether Sam was willing to accept it or not. He had to do his job and turn it over to Darren immediately.

"I'm ordering you to tread lightly! Anyone who walks in through the door is our guest, and that is

ll always remain by your side!" the old lady said as she took hold of Emily's hands.

She patted her on the back in an attempt to comfort her through a time of uneasiness and looked into Emily's in pity.

"My dear, Seam is a wonderful young man. He deserves you. He had to live through a miserable childhood. He was abandoned at the foot of that mountain only a few days after he was born. When his adoptive parents found him, he was almost frozen to death. They cared for him greatly and eventually rendered him a happy childhood. He studied well and attended a nearby college later. All of us thought that he wouldn't return after his graduation, but he did. He taught at a local school and told us that he would let more kids see the broad world outside. Oh, he is such a noble gentleman! We all appreciate and thank him for that."

The old lady paused as tears rolled down her cheeks. Emily could see her emotions pour out in a profound manner as she recalled the past events in Seamus's life.

"But, fate seemed to have other plans!" The old lady heaved a deep sigh and continued.

She sounded quite sad and remorseful. Emily was quite surprised by it. But she didn't bother interrupting the old lady's monologue as she patiently waited for the old lady to continue. "One day, a couple dressed in fancy clothes showed up out of nowhere and claimed that Seam was their son. They took some of his hair to test his DNA and confirmed their claim. Thus, they just took him away with them without taking his opinion or consent. The poor adoptive parents both fell ill as a result. As time passed, both of them bid farewell to this world…"

Emily struggled to prevent herself from crying. She hurriedly blinked and looked up at the sky in order not to let the tears fall down.

It was all very complicated for her. It turned out that Seamus was another victim of the Lu Family. Although he was their own son, they had ruthlessly ignored his feelings to fulfill their ambition and save themselves from their guilt-ridden consciousness.

Emily was feeling even guiltier after all that she had said to him yesterday. It was too cruel for him to take on his shoulders. He had nothing to do with all these things, even if they had given birth to him. She should have spoken more amicably.

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