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   Chapter 955 Both The Mother And Daughter Are Fine

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9093

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In a private villa, doctors had been coming in and out the entire day.

Darren was standing in the corridor, a few steps away from the room, blankly looking at nowhere in particular. His face was as cold as an iceberg, and none of the medical staff dared to look at him.

After a while, Darren retrieved his gaze and took a few steps forward when a doctor came out.

"Both the mother and the daughter are fine! Congratulations!" the doctor said gladly.

He was wearing an expression of both triumph and exhaustion as he had just conducted a successful operation.

Darren paused for a second.

Now that he had learned that Rita was carrying a baby girl, some complicated feelings arose in his heart.

He then nodded at the doctor emotionlessly and asked, "How about her? Did she wake up?"

"Not yet. The patient's had high tension these past few days. Plus with all the drugs and the smoke she's taken in, it's hard to say. It might be a while before she wakes up. It's entirely up to her," the doctor explained.

It was the truth even though it was hard for Darren to take.

He instructed the doctor to take a break first and then walked into the room where Rita was.

Rita was lying on the bed without showing any signs of life. Her black hair was spread across the pillow, which made her look paler. She was furrowing her eyebrows and pressing her lips together even though she wasn't conscious. She looked so frail that Darren thought she looked like a lifeless doll that would break with a single touch.

"You're going to have a girl. You're so lucky," he murmured.

He then looked at Rita's stomach. His eyes were glistening and he was feeling something—something he couldn't quite place and he couldn't tell what it was.

He didn't know why he was feeling like that. Maybe he just wasn't used to seeing Rita unconscious or maybe he was thinking of the wonderful life that David and Rita had ahead of them.

He didn't stay in the room long. He left after a few seconds. He had a cold look on his face as he did.

This house was his safe house. No one else knew of its existence except Darren himself, and Rita was the first woman and the first person he had brought here.

Darren drove to the Bai Group right away. Instead of going in, after he got out of his car, he stood in front of the building and looked up at it with a confident smile.

Dina had been waiting for him by the entrance. She hurriedly walked up to him the moment she spotted him. She hooked her arm around his and leaned against him as soon as she approached him. "Darren! What took you so long? I was standing there for so long! I can't even feel my feet anymore," Dina complained, pouting her lips.

"I had to

olders with her fingers—her nails were painted a bloody red. Sam had a hard time thinking as her words were just echoing in his head.

"How is this possible? What did you do?"

Sam closed the document and looked at Darren with his lips pressed together.

Sam didn't know what to do. Even though this was part of Jacob's plan and Sam had been prepared for this, it was still difficult to go through with it. He had witnessed this company being built from the ground up. He had watched it grow and had been there every step of the way. He hated that it was going to fall in the grimy hands of these people. His throat constricted as he thought of this.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Emily has transferred all her shares to Darren. Here's the agreement of transfer. I believe you would want to see this. Here's her signature and her fingerprint. Forgive me for my bluntness but this group doesn't belong to Emily and Jacob anymore even if it is still called the Bai Group," Dina said briskly.

As she spoke, she circled Sam. It annoyed Sam to see her red lips speaking such words.

"What? I don't believe you!" Sam replied, knitting his brows together. He took the agreement in his hands with a puzzled look and read it carefully. Dina was right. It was Emily's signature and fingerprint. Sam figured Darren wouldn't joke about something like this either.

Sam's heart was sinking. He had no idea that this would happen. He had thought that they had everything under control and that they would be able to regain control of the company once they found Emily. However, Darren already had an agreement of transfer and there was no way out of that, as far as he knew.

"You have no choice but to believe me. I have a video of Emily signing the agreement. Do you want to watch it?" Dina let out a piercing laugh.

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