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   Chapter 954 Dylan Woke Up

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Things always went contrary to people's wishes. Even though Seamus had deliberately kept the truth from Emily, she had finally learned it, and as Seamus had expected, she had turned away from him without any hesitation. She set off, even though she was alone and the road which led to the outer world was completely unknown to her.

To make matters worse, the clear blue sky was suddenly covered by dark clouds. Even people who were born here and had spent their whole lives here were overwhelmed by the unpredicted storm. But Emily just stumbled on without looking back even once.

Seamus's eyes followed her as she vanished slowly. He heaved a deep sigh and turned around, setting off in the opposite direction. He had returned to sweep the grave of his parents. Meeting Emily had just been an accident, and since she had decided to go, he had no reason to keep her here with him.

Spots of rain began to fall. Emily's head and body were soaking wet in no time. She was shivering in the cold rain as she was dressed in only a layer of thin clothes. Soon, the trees and bushes were a blur in her eyes, and the noisy sounds of insects and frogs faded away as the storm raged around her.

Emily wiped the rainwater from her face and tried to look as far ahead as she could, hoping to find a way out, or a cave to shelter in. She already couldn't feel her arms and legs. It was her faith in seeing the smiling faces of Jacob and the kids again that kept her moving forward.

She shoved all the obstacles coming her way aside with hands held out by instinct, and her hands were soon cut and bleeding from the thorns on the bushes. But she didn't seem to be feeling any pain. The only thing on her mind was walking, because she could only survive and see the people that she loved by doing so. Finally, she lost consciousness and fell on the muddy ground due to the overtaxing of her physical strengths.

At the hospital, David returned empty-handed. He had lost all traces of Darren and Rita, who seemed to have vanished from the surface of this planet in an instant.

At the same time, Sam had some updates. It turned out that Darren hadn't left his business unattended, and he had now started to launch an attack against the Bai Group.

Jacob didn't say anything about it. It was something that he had expected when he had made the plan. Business was what he was good at, but now, all his attention was fixed on his wife and daughter. He remained outside the ICU where Beryl lay, waiting night and day for her to wake up; in the meantime, he urged Sam to hasten the process of finding Emily. Ceaseless in his efforts, Jacob almost couldn't sleep, and once in a while, he forced himself to close his eyes, but his mind was running like a tireless robot.

In the other room, Michelle was recovering after a successful operation. The best of the worst was that her face had been spared from any burns. Now, she was lying in bed in a hospital gown, and at first glance, visitors couldn't see any of her bandage-covered scars underneath.

Jacob and David were both standing in the corridor, in front of the glass window of the ICU. Both Beryl and Dylan were still inside, not having woken up from their comas yet. Their fathers were all wizened up with sorrow and anxiety, looking like they had aged under the burden of their worries.

"Mr. Xu, your son

self, and of Beryl for us. We will be back as soon as we can," David said to Dylan as he caressed his son's hair.

Then, David stood up and left the ICU with Jacob.

"Don't worry, Jacob. We're making progress! Emily will be back safe and sound." After the words of assurance, David patted Jacob on his shoulder to show his concern.

Jacob nodded at him. His eyes were focusing blankly on a point behind David. It was obvious that he had become lost in his thoughts. Then, his eyes turned cold, as if he wanted to freeze the point he was staring at. He took a deep breath and pulled his thoughts together.

"Darren will try to get his hands on the Bai Group in three days. We can cast our net now," he said.

Jacob was wondering why Darren had taken Emily away in the first place and what Darren really wanted. He had thought that Darren would threaten him with Emily, but it seemed that he had been wrong.

Things would have been much easier then. Jacob would give Darren whatever he wanted with both hands, as long as it wasn't Emily. Jacob finally took a deep breath to try and relieve his burden.

"I know," David replied with a nod. He looked at Jacob with a serious expression.

He was curious too. Although he hadn't found out why Darren had taken Rita away, it seemed that she was safe from what he had concluded from Dylan's story.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Nora has run away, and she's the one who started the fire!" David then added bleakly.

David knitted his brows as he spoke and narrowed his eyes when he remembered what she had done.

He shouldn't have believed what she had told him, nor should he have agreed for her to stay. If he hadn't, none of these traumatic things would have happened. Thus, he was the one who had put Rita, Emily, and the kids in danger. He blamed himself for not having seen through Nora earlier.

At the same time, he wished that he could go through all these trials and tribulations instead of their women and their kids.

"Yes, it was her," Jacob said quietly.

He had received this news at the same time as David. He suspected that Darren might not have known the reason why Nora had set a fire either. Otherwise, Darren would have left himself a perfect escape route.

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